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Want more inspiration for your trip? Check out or top travel articles for some of the best travel advice around from people who have been there. Whether you are looking for information on attractions, destinations, food, or just general advice, you’ll find it here.


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Check out our most popular destinations to learn more about all the places you can see on your journey. Whether it’s the ethical elephant parks of Thailand or the incredible monuments of India, each country offers something special that you won’t find anywhere else.

Top Global Tour Packages

The three tours below will give you an idea of what's possible if you travel with us. Our tours are always designed to help you experience authentic world. Feel free to customize any tour to incorporate your preferred destinations, interests and schedule.


Grand Indochina Tour: Discover and Experience Only the Best - 28 Days

Myanmar - Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos - Thailand

Natural landscapes, interesting lifestyles and interaction with the locals that broadens your horizon.

Terracotta Army

Japan, China, Singapore and Bali Tour: Under the Spell - 19 Days

Japan - China - Singapore - Bali

Encounter with beautiful Geisha ladies and cute pandas, sample authentic sushi and hotpot, no need to think twice, just get under the spell of the real Asia!

holding a baby panda

China, Tibet, Nepal and India Tour: A Journey to the Holy Land - 14 Days

China - Nepal - India

Sneak among the streets of Lhasa, talk to a local Sadhu (holy man) in Kathmandu, take a boat trip on the Gangse River and fly over Mt.Everest.