How Much Does a Kenya Trip Cost?

By Ruru Zhou | Updated Aug. 29, 2023

When considering a memorable trip to Kenya, you probably want to know how much it would cost. Is Kenya expensive?

Well, compared to Western countries, such as the United States and those in Western Europe, travel costs in Kenya are very affordable. Furthermore, it's less expensive than undertaking similar adventures in Tanzania. A large part of your cost would be getting there and back.

Your travel costs in Kenya would largely depend on the hotel level, transportation mode, and types of safari experiences you choose. In this article, we will explore how much it costs to go on a trip to Kenya in detail and help you to make the most of your money.

How Much Does a Private Tour Package Cost in Kenya?

In general, our luxury private safari tour costs 500–1,000 USD per person per day (for 2–4 people), including a private car, private guides, luxurious lodges or tented safari camps, exclusive game drives, tickets for attractions, and special activities, such as hot-air balloon rides. Therefore, the total cost is about US$3,500–7,000 for a week and US$5,000–10,000 for 10 days.

Traveling on a private tour would provide you with great flexibility. Our private tour will enable you to focus on sights and activities that interest you most and to travel at your own pace. This is particularly beneficial for families, as your children may get bored during the long drives when game-viewing.

Kenya trip cost

For a private tour, you won't need to share a vehicle with strangers when game-viewing. As a family or couple, you could savor quality time spotting animals together. Furthermore, you can also enjoy unique experiences, such as a walking safari and a bush meal. 

Our private safari tours could be booked out quickly during the high seasons from July to October and January to February. We recommend that you contact us to book a Kenya tour 6 months in advance to reserve the perfect hotels and professional guides for these times.

 How Much Do International Flights to Kenya Cost?

Flights would make up a large amount of your budget when it comes to Kenya travel costs. Round-trip economy tickets from major U.S. cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, to Nairobi, cost about 1,500 USD on average. Direct flights from the United States to Kenya are not as common and most require at least one stopover.

Direct flights from Europe to Kenya are readily available, although some routes may require a stopover depending on the departure city. A round trip from major European cities, such as London or Paris, to Nairobi, Kenya, typically costs about 1,200 USD on average for 2024.

The cheapest season to buy flight tickets to Kenya is from mid-March to May. These months align with the long rainy season in Kenya when you can get great discounts on flights. For example, prices for flights from New York to Nairobi cost about 900–1,200 USD for a round trip. From the UK, the price is about 500–900 USD.

The second cheapest period to buy tickets for Kenya is from late October to mid-December. This is the short rain period, shortly after the high tourist season but before the Christmas holiday season.

To travel in a high travel season – June to mid-October and late December to early March – you would need to spend more. For example, in 2024, in August, flight tickets to Kenya from New York cost about 2,000 USD for a round trip.

To buy the cheapest flights to Kenya, we recommend you book at least 6 months in advance, especially if you are going to Kenya during the busiest times, such as the dry season from June to mid-October, and from late December to early March. 

Want to book a Kenya trip now? Contact us to tailor-make one! Our Kenya expert will contact you within 24 hours and customize an itinerary for you!

 How Much Is the Cost of General Accommodation in Kenya?

A standard room in a 4-star hotel typically costs from 150 -200 USD in Nairobi. However, prices can rise considerably from June to mid-October, which is Kenya's peak tourist season as it is aligned with the Great Migration, a mesmerizing natural event attracting tourists from around the globe.

How Much Do Safari Experiences Cost in Kenya?

Kenya travel cost

Most of your budget for a trip to Kenya would likely be allocated to safari experiences. Luxury safari lodges and camps, such as Governors' Camp or Mara Serena Safari Lodge in Maasai Mara, charge about US$750–1,500 per night. These prices often include meals, game drives, other activities or services, and maybe luxury tents that blend comfort with the thrill of an authentic safari experience.

Lodges and camps in other national parks are a bit cheaper than in Maasai Mara.

Tip for saving money: Early reservations (at least 6 months in advance) are recommended to ensure that you get your preferred hotel choices and to minimize hotel changes.  

We make the most of your money. Our Kenya experts will tailor the perfect safari experience for you, ensuring that every dollar spent translates into unforgettable memories, all within your budget.

The Costs of Transportation in Kenya

The most efficient mode of transportation within Kenya is undoubtedly taking flights. Airplanes fly from Nairobi, the capital and principal entry city for Kenya, to most game reserves across the country. Moreover, airplanes connect all the game reserves as well.

The cost of airfares is relatively affordable. For a round-trip flight between Nairobi and Maasai Mara, you could expect to spend about 400 USD. Meanwhile, tickets for flights between Nairobi and Mombasa by the coast range from 60 to 150 USD.

Please note that these routes typically use small, light aircraft with 12 to 50 seats.

You may be wondering if you could use road transportation to save money. We don't recommend it. Traveling by land in Kenya is uncomfortable/challenging because of the long journeys on bumpy and dusty roads.

Attractions and Activities Costs

Travel to Kenya cost

The costs needed for attractions are highest for the game reserves. The daily entry fees for national parks and reserves range from 20–75 USD. For instance, the adult entry fees for Maasai Mara and Naivasha are 70 and 25 USD, respectively. For children, the price is about half this amount.

A hot-air balloon ride over Maasai Mara National Reserve costs about 400–500 USD per person.

The price for water activities at Diani Beach ranges from 20–100 USD per person. Specifically, a daytime dhow cruise, which includes snorkeling and a seafood lunch on Wasini Island, costs about 70–100 USD per person.

An entry fee to a Maasai village costs about 20–40 USD.

The Costs of Food and Drinks

Kenya is really cheap when it comes to food and drinks. Meals at a mid-range restaurant cost about 10–20 USD and a bottle of mid-range imported wine costs about 10–20 USD. A bottle of soft drink costs 0.5–1 USD.

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