Global Highlights — Creating Beautiful Journeys

Global Highlights — Creating Beautiful Journeys

By Ruby Zhao | Updated Sep. 25, 2023

At Global Highlights, we are dedicated to curating premium, high-quality private tours that cater to a variety of travel preferences. Whether you are seeking a family adventure, planning a romantic getaway, celebrating a milestone, or simply looking to check off items on your bucket list, we are here to make your travel planning seamless and enjoyable.

We believe that your trip should be a reflection of your ideas and requirements. That's why our experienced 1:1 travel advisors will carefully consider all your needs, offering comprehensive expert advice and engaging with you to design the perfect itinerary.

During your trip, you will receive 24/7 support from a dedicated team. This team consists of your local tour guide, our customer care manager, and your travel advisor at Global Highlights. Together, we will ensure that your journey is smooth, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

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Global Highlights began from China Highlights, Operating since 1998

China Highlights - Discovery Your Way

The roots of our company trace back to 1998 when China Highlights was founded by Victor Shu. His vision was to revolutionize travel in China by offering private tours tailored to individual interests and budgets. This marked a departure from traditional mass-group tours that barely scratched the surface of the country's rich cultural tapestry.

Over the past two decades, China Highlights has become one of the leading tour companies specializing in customized and creative tours of China. We proudly serve over 10,000 satisfied clients annually, and our exceptional client reviews on TripAdvisor reaffirm our commitment to excellence.

China Highlights has also been a pioneer in several aspects of travel.

  • We were the first travel company in China to provide private tailor-made tours, ensuring each traveler's unique needs are met.
  • We embraced the convenience and security of online payments early on, becoming the first company in China to utilize PayPal.
  • We abandoned shopping commissions and placed a strong emphasis on providing authentic travel experiences, allowing our clients to immerse themselves fully in the destinations they visit.
  • As trailblazers, we introduced travelers to local restaurants, enabling them to savor the diverse flavors of China.

Our success and the appreciation shown by our clients propelled us to expand our horizons. Many travelers who experienced our exceptional service in China expressed a desire for similar quality travel options in other destinations. As a response to this demand, we launched the Asia Highlights website in 2016 and Global Highlights website in 2018. After carefully curating travel experiences and handpicking destinations, we ventured beyond China to help our loyal clients explore the beauty of diverse regions.

Learn more about how we've evolved over 20 years.

Clients Who Traveled with Global Highlights

Clients Who Traveled with Global Highlights

Our clients are the inspiration behind our efforts to create life-changing experiences. We cater to a wide range of clients, including those celebrating special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations, honeymoons, and retirement. Our passion for discovery fuels our dedication to crafting unforgettable journeys for each and every unique individual.

Here are some reviews from the clients who traveled with Global Highlights, China Highlights, and Asia Highlights. We sincerely hope that you will soon join our family of satisfied clients and allow us to create a beautiful journey tailored just for you.

China Highlights, Asia Highlights, and Global Highlights collaborate to provide families and couples with personalized and stress-free experiences in diverse destinations.

We are crazy about creating life-changing experiences for all the world's unique travelers.

With over 20 years of experience in customized tours, we have developed a robust quality management system that ensures every trip we arrange is enjoyable and memorable.

1) We are committed to offering premium, customized private tours without breaking the bank.

Travel with Global Highlights

Thanks to our strategic partnerships and efficient working system, we provide affordable options in most countries. With a budget of US200-300 per person per day for a private guided tour in countries such as China, Thailand, Egypt, etc.

Traveling to Japan, South Korea, Israel, Turkey, etc. costs 2–3 times this for a private tour.

2) We take pride in selecting guides who genuinely care about creating memorable experiences for our clients.

The travel guide of Global Highlights

Our guides are locals with a profound understanding of your needs. They undergo regular assessments and updates to ensure they deliver exceptional service, continuously improving areas where they can excel.

3) To ensure your journey is stress-free, we offer round-the-clock support via email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and/or WeChat.

Travel advisor at Gloabl Highlights

Throughout your trip, you will have the support of your local tour guide, our customer care manager, and your dedicated 1:1 travel advisor. This knowledgeable team is always available to assist you with any changes or emergencies that may arise along the way.

4) We provide a super-friendly cancellation policy.

Global Highlights

We understand that plans can change, and we strive to accommodate our clients. To provide peace of mind, we offer a super-friendly cancellation policy. You can receive a 100% refund of any payments made to Global Highlights if cancellations are made up to 3 weeks before departure.

Meet Global Highlights' Team — We See People as Our Most Valued Asset

Meet Global Highlights' Team

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and creating extraordinary travel experiences. Our team at Global Highlights consists of approximately 100 dedicated individuals. Within our team, 75% are female members who understand the unique needs of parents and children on family trips.

Many of our team members, including our founder Victor Shu and CEO Steven Zhao, have been with China Highlights, Asia Highlights, and Global Highlights since their graduation. This longevity has fostered a highly cohesive team and a persistent commitment to delivering top-quality travel services.

Victor Shu: Founder of China Highlights

Victor Shu: Founder of China Highlights

Victor was an experienced English-speaking travel guide in the 1990s. He loves hiking and likes to travel off the beaten paths. With a dream of providing authentic travel experiences in China, he started China Highlights in 1998.

Now, he is the founder of a local church in Guilin and works there most of the time.

Steven Zhao: CEO

Steven Zhao: CEO of Global Highlights

Steven joined China Highlights right after his graduation in 2004, first as an SEO trainee, followed by a time in sales, then as a project manager, our marketing director, and other roles before becoming the CEO.

He is a history fanatic, who believes that the future lies in the past, and most present-day challenges can be answered with historical wisdom.

Steven is also a travel enthusiast, who likes taking his history books to travel destinations and exploring the profound historical culture behind them. His last trip was along the Silk Road into Central Asia and Iran.

The company is his passion. He even met his love in the office, and they continue to work and travel together.

Karen Yang: Chief Manager

Karen Yang: Chief Manager of Gloabl Highlights

Karen, now the mother of two kids, joined China Highlights in 2003 when she was in her last year of college.

Karen is good at setting up performance standards and procedures, which makes China Highlights' and Asia Highlights' business advance in a positive way. The amount of people traveling with Asia Highlights in 2022 has exceeded that before COVID (in 2019)!

Lissy Xu: Marketing Manager

Lissy Xu: Marketing Manager of Global Highlights

Lissy was first a German-speaking travel guide. After that she launched the German brand version of China Highlights. She was the first one to come up with the idea of expanding our tour service to other Asia countries besides China. In 2016, she founded the brand Asia Highlights.

Lissy loves traveling and meeting new people. Getting lost in the local streets and lanes is her favorite thing to do during a tour.

She is a cancer survivor and the mother of two kids. She believes that persistence and travel lead to a better life. Now, she is working with the team to expand our service to Africa and the Americas.

Thank you for considering Global Highlights as your trusted travel companion. We are excited to embark on this incredible journey with you! If you have any questions or would like to start planning your dream vacation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team of travel experts is here to assist you every step of the way.

Why Travel with Global Highlights (98.8% positive customer reviews among 10,000+)

  • Unique experiences tailored to your interests: Enjoy a premium trip that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions.
  • Hassle-free travel and peace of mind: Every aspect of your trip will be carefully planned and organized by your 1:1 travel consultant.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides: Your guides will be local and love to work for travelers' smiles.
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