Tanzania Weather in July: Travel Tips for First-Timers

Tanzania Weather in July: Travel Tips for First-Timers

By Edward | Updated Feb. 21, 2024

July is in the middle of the dry season, and conditions are about the best for going on safari, seeing animals, going to the beaches, mountain climbing and generally being outdoors. It is the peak tourist season too. We mainly recommend seeing the highlights in the great outdoors and the wilderness preserves in July.

Read on for our travel advice and weather information including average temperatures, rainfall, and travel tips…

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Weather in July: Overview


  • Temperature range: 16–26°C (60–79°F)
  • Rainfall: 3 cm (1 inch)
  • Rainy days: 4
  • Sunshine hours/day: 7 hours

Climate Comparison (Averages) for Tanzania's Top Tourism Areas

Tanzania City/Area Temp. Rainfall
Dar Es Salaam (Largest city, travel hub) Hot Semi-arid
Arusha (Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater) Mild Arid
Serengeti (Wildlife safaris, Maasai culture) Warm Semi-arid
Zanzibar (Beaches, island resorts) Hot Low
Tanzania City/Area Daily High Daily Low
Dar Es Salaam (Largest city, travel hub) 29ºC (84ºF) 18ºC (64ºF)
Arusha (Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater) 20ºC (68ºF) 9ºC (48ºF)
Serengeti (Wildlife safaris, Maasai culture) 26ºC (79ºF) 14ºC (57ºF)
Zanzibar (Beaches, island resorts) 29ºC (84ºF) 21ºC (70ºF)
Tanzania City/Area Rain (cm) Rain (in)
Dar Es Salaam (Largest city, travel hub) 3 1
Arusha (Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater) 1 0
Serengeti (Wildlife safaris, Maasai culture) 2 1
Zanzibar (Beaches, island resorts) 5 2

The temperatures turn cooler in July all over the country. It is sunny and pleasantly warm or mild and fine just about everywhere, and it is arid or semi-arid.

The exception is Zanzibar, which receives a low 5 cm of rain and can feel hot in the middle of the day, but it is still in its driest season of the year, and its beach resorts are at their most pleasant to visit.

Northern Tanzania: The period from July through October has comfortable weather for safaris because temperatures are warm, humidity is lower, and there are fewer bothersome mosquitoes. Most of the north is arid or semi-arid. The conditions are great for seeing the Great Migration and the animals near water sources and shorter grass.

Southern Tanzania: Ruaha and other regions probably are arid and dusty, but there is great weather for safari sightseeing, hiking, boating, and balloon riding. Try touring Ruaha or Nyerere for an other-worldly, wild experience where few tourists venture amid animals in swamps and rivers, rugged arid scrub lands, and jungles.

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Best Places to Visit in Tanzania in July

Top things to do in July include seeing wildlife, hiking, and spending time in the wildernesses. You could also tour urban tourist places.

1) Dar Es Salaam — Tour the Highlights

Dar Es Salaam is the big capital city of 6 million people. It has the busiest international airport in Tanzania, and many tourists use the airport to access the central and southern regions of the country. In July, there are mostly sunny skies and hot weather, and it is semi-arid.

In the city, there you could have an interesting market experience at Kariakoo, but be careful about pickpockets. The National Museum is a place to learn about the history and culture. Fine beaches to go to include those on Bongoyo Island offshore and at South Beach that has hotels.

Wilderness parks: Pugu Hills Nature Reserve is an hour's drive away, and for a bigger national park, Mikumi National Park is 4½ hours away. Nyerere National Park is about 5 to 6 hours away on rough roads (see below).

2) Western and Northern Serengeti — Safari

The Serengeti is Tanzania's third largest preserve, and it is generally considered the best. July's highlight is the Great Migration. You could stay at camps near the huge herds of more than a million animals in the western part of the Serengeti and follow them in vehicles. The weather is warm and semi-arid.

By July, most of the herd animals have crossed the Grumeti River and some are crossing the Mara River and reaching the Maasai Mara border. Some predators follow, but most other animals stay within their territories. The Maasai help to manage the park so well that the animals are generally not afraid of humans and vehicles.

Lodges and hotels around the Serengeti, especially the western and northern parts, have peak-season prices throughout July. The ticket price per adult is about 71 USD. There are direct flights from Arusha airport and other airports. It takes about 9 hours to drive from Arusha airport.

3) Ngorongoro Crater — Safaris, Hikes, and Lodge Stays

Ngorongoro is another of the great wilderness preserves, and it is different to the Serengeti because it is an enclosed area, a volcanic crater floor, that is about 1,700 meters (a mile) high. The caldera is huge, the biggest in the world, and measures 260 square kilometers (100 square miles).

Though weather conditions are usually good all the year around, in July they are optimal. July has the lowest rainfall in the year with almost no rainfall. The 2,300 meter (8,530 feet) high crater rim is like a wall around it that shelters it and makes a drier micro-climate of grassland and fever tree forest.

The rim has forests to hike in and fine hotels with amazing scenic views. Expect more precipitation, possible snow, and freezing temperatures on the rim. Driving from Arusha takes about 3 hours, and driving from the Serengeti Grumeti region takes 7 hours. As of 2024, the adult ticket price is 70 USD.

4) Zanzibar — Enjoy White Sand Beaches and Clean Water

July and August are basically the best months for being on the beach in Zanzibar since the rainfall in July is basically about the lowest (5 cm or 2 inches) all year, and temperatures are warm, averaging 29ºC (84ºF), and the sea averages a pleasant 26°C (79°F).

In July, we recommend that you enjoy your time at the best beach resort areas on the north coast, Nungwi and Kendwa. These are the most popular beaches with the best selections of hotels, resorts, and restaurants, and the vibe is closest to what you would find at famous international beaches.

These beaches do not have the big tides that make swimming and activities less enjoyable at other beaches. It is the best time for windsurfers and kite surfers since July is the windiest month. Most tourists arrive through the international airport. Taxis and private transfers are the only direct way from Zanzibar Airport to Nungwi and Kendwa, taking about 80 minutes.

5) Nyerere National Park — Safari, Boating, Hiking

The best month to visit the biggest natural park in all of Africa is probably July. In July, the rainfall is the least all year, and it is almost arid with almost zero rainfall and warm, not hot, temperatures. The lack of rain draws the animals to the Rufiji River, the largest river in East Africa, and interconnected lakes.

The huge park encompasses a diverse range of habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, swamps, and lakes. The park's varied topography creates an almost ideal diversity of wildlife to see. You can safari, hike, and sightsee by boat. Boat and foot safaris can add a different dimension to your stay and take you to solitude.

Geography and transport: It is 30,893 sq km (11,928 square miles) and covers the size of Maryland and Delaware combined. The landscape is beautiful and has giant emerald-green swamps and palm forests. There are fly-in packages from Dar es Salaam airport (DAR). Your tour guide will pick you up and handle all further arrangements.

Venturing further into Tanzania's interior, you could also visit Ruaha National Park, which is covered in Places to Visit on our Tanzania in June page.

Travel Advice for Visiting Tanzania in July

July is the peak season for travel to Tanzania because tourists from the northern hemisphere visit during their summer vacations, and the conditions for all sorts of activities are about the best. Lodges and hotels around the national parks, the mountains, and the beaches will be fully open in July and have peak-season prices.

The best national parks in the north are the busiest, but to avoid the biggest crowds and high prices, head to the parks in the south such as Ruaha and Nyerere. You might enjoy just as much or more, and they are very different.

There are no national holidays in July.

What to Wear in July

In general, in the northern areas around the Serengeti and Arusha and in the higher elevations, bring warm clothing because mornings and nights are cold. You would need a coat and an umbrella or raincoat for the highlands and winter clothes for the high mountain areas, but you will usually not need these in savannas such as the Serengeti.

To avoid getting sunburn and mosquito and bug bites, it helps to cover your skin with a long-sleeved shirt, light trousers or a long dress, and a hat.

Clothing colors for safaris: Neutral-colored clothes are recommended to avoid alarming the animals. Dark colors attract tsetse flies.

Monthly Weather in Tanzania

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