Greece Weather in June 2024: Travel Tips for First-Timers

By Ruby Zhao | Updated Nov. 14, 2023

In June, much of Greece has intense sunlight, warmth, and blue skies. The weather is arid or semi-arid. We recommend the two main urban centers, the natural and historical areas, and several islands before the crowds of summer come.

Read on for our weather information and travel advice including average temperatures and rainfall, places to go, and travel tips…

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Greece Weather in June: Overview


  • Temperature range: 20–29°C (68–84°F)
  • Rainfall: 1 cm (0 inch)
  • Rainy days: 3
  • Humidity: 57%
  • Sunshine hours/day: 11 hours

June Climate Comparison (Averages) for Greece's Top Tourism Areas

Greece City/Area Temp. Rainfall
Athens (Largest city, travel hub, ancient capital) Hot Arid
Crete (beaches, hikes, Minoan palaces, waterparks) Warm Arid
Santorini (Scenic coast, food, wine, swimming, sailing) Hot Arid
Corfu (Beaches, turquoise sea, medieval architecture) Hot Semi-arid
Greece City/Area Daily High Daily Low
Athens (Largest city, travel hub, ancient capital) 32ºC (90ºF) 22ºC (72ºF)
Crete (beaches, hikes, Minoan palaces, waterparks) 27ºC (81ºF) 19ºC (66ºF)
Santorini (Scenic coast, food, wine, swimming, sailing) 28ºC (82ºF) 21ºC (70ºF)
Corfu (Beaches, turquoise sea, medieval architecture) 28ºC (82ºF) 17ºC (63ºF)
Greece City/Area Rain (cm) Rain (in)
Athens (Largest city, travel hub, ancient capital) 1 0
Crete (beaches, hikes, Minoan palaces, waterparks) 0 0
Santorini (Scenic coast, food, wine, swimming, sailing) 0 0
Corfu (Beaches, turquoise sea, medieval architecture) 2 1

Greece has hot, bright, and sunny weather in June with almost no rain. Both the days and the evenings are great for touring Greece's historical places, hiking, and strolling. The humidity makes it feel hotter generally.

Northern Greece: Northern Greece's weather is cooler and more variable since colder continental air from Europe brings more rain and stormy weather. The natural beauty, flowers, and fruit trees are amazing.

Southern Greece: Southern Greece and the islands are sunny, dry, and hot. You can go to beaches, swim and do watersports.

The Best Places to Visit in Greece in June

June is a good time to hike outdoors and walk around Greece's extensive ancient ruins and urban attractions. You can enjoy nature, beaches, and watersports during a moderate tourism period in early June. The bright sun and clear blue skies are very uplifting, but can be scorching too.

1.Athens — Tour the Whole City

In June, the hot weather with 11 hours of intense sunshine and the 50% average humidity makes the 32ºC (90ºC) average high feel very hot, about 36ºC (96ºC) actually. Athens is hotter than almost all the other tourist highlights in Greece, and you should be careful of heat stroke and sunburn.

To avoid high heat and the densest crowds, try to arrive at the Acropolis by 8 a.m. when it and the Agora Museum open, because after 9, crowds of cruise-ship tourists and other tourists march in. The same is true for the changing of the guard and early demonstrators at Syntagma Square.

Mount Lycabettus is a 272-meter-tall (892-foot-tall) hill with a monastery on top in the downtown area. An excellent activity would be to wander up the park paths for some exercise, nature hiking, and wonderful views of the whole city and the shore from Athens' highest hill.

2.Crete — Hike and Enjoy the Beauty of High Summer

Crete is the most popular Greek island, and it's known for history, ancient places, rugged nature, and beaches. There is moderate tourism at the beginning of June, so you can see the beautiful scenery and hike without larger crowds with you, and the prices for hotels and food are more moderate.

In June, you can swim in 22°C (72°F) degree water. And there are 12 hours of sunshine! That and 57% average humidity makes the average high of 27ºC (81ºF) feel hot when you are walking out in it.

You can tour Knossos and hike the 16 km (10 mile) Samaria Gorge trail while there are still flowers blooming and lots of green vegetation. The Heraklion Museum is among the best in Greece.

  • Flights from Athens take an hour.

3.Meteora — Hike, Enjoy the Dusk and Night Sky, and Go Rafting

Meteora is geologically astounding with striped and colorful sandstone pillars and cliffs, and on some of the steepest and highest ones, amazing monasteries and nunneries are perched like little castles.

Just as beautiful are the sunsets that highlight all the reds and browns of the sandstone. The sky is especially clear and unpolluted, so you can see the Milky Way, and the monasteries glow at night. Rafting down the Pineios River is another exciting way to see the scenery.

You can hike around the valley to Kalambaka and the monasteries between 9 a.m. and 4 or 5 p.m. The entry price is only 3 euros (3 USD) each. It is one of their top places for pilgrimage.

  • Driving from Athens takes 4½ hours, and driving from Thessaloniki, 3 hours.

4.Corfu — Relax, Sightsee, and Enjoy Seafood

Corfu is the northernmost large Ionian island in western Greece about 3 km (2 miles) from Albania. If you want a break from intense sun and heat and want to see a green agricultural island, Corfu has warm weather and renowned agriculture and food.

There are good beaches, and the water temperature is pleasant at 23°C (73°F). The relatively high average humidity of 63% makes the 23°C (73°F) highs feel slightly warmer. A little rainfall keeps the island beautiful and green in summer.

Corfu is famed for Venetian architecture, seafood and the delicious, near organic vegetables, fruits and cheeses — and 3 or 4 million olive trees! You could enjoy relaxation and a green break from the bleak cacti, browns and tans of much of Greece in high summer.

  • A ferry from Sarande, Albania takes half an hour. There is an international airport. Flying from Athens takes about an hour.

5.Kefalonia — Have a Family and Beach Vacation

Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian Islands off the western coast of Greece. While Corfu may appeal to more elderly and people wanting to rest, Kefalonia is a place for adventures and great for families with kids.

There are Italian castles and monasteries to explore and an underground lake called Melissani where you can take a boat on. There are many fine beaches with calmer seas than most islands of Greece. If you come before the end of June, there are fewer tourists.

The island is big enough to have solitude in nature, and the Corfu Trail is 220 km (136 miles) long through varied terrain such as shorelines, mountains and olive farms. Average temperatures range from warm to mild — 26°C (79°F) to 16°C (61°F).

  • Flights are the best travel option and take an hour from Athens.

Moderate to High Tourism Season: Touring Advice for June

In June, the bright sun, blue skies, and intense light might intoxicate you as you stroll and hike around. The Mediterranean weather might also give you heatstroke, so drink a lot of water. Tourism is still moderate at the beginning of the month, so there are also moderate hotel and flight prices.

The high tourism season starting at the end of June is when crowds of tourists come, and there is hot and very dry weather. Ferries and flights run with the greatest frequency, and paradoxically, you might find bargain flights to popular islands such as Crete.

You can enjoy Greece's famous healthy cuisine made from their naturally-farmed fresh fruit and vegetables, naturally-made traditional cheese, and excellent seafood.

Public holidays in June: June 24, 2024 is Pentecost Monday. Pentecost or Holy Spirit Monday celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in Jerusalem 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus.

What to Wear in June

There is a big temperature difference between day and night. Only in higher elevations or the north would you need a jacket at night. The islands and the south of Greece require thin summer clothing. Wear polarized sunglasses since the sunshine glaring off the polished pavement and ruins is intense.

UV protection: If you have sensitive skin, be sure to cover up with long sleeves, long trousers or dresses, and a sunhat since the sunlight is intense with the average humidity level of about 57%. Otherwise, you might be surprised that the intense sunlight does not burn.

Shoes: Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes when hiking and walking around on archeological sites such as Knossos and Acropolis Park and cobbled stone streets. Mars Hill, for example, is smoothed rock, maybe from millions of footfalls, and is slippery when wet.

Swimwear: The average sea temperature is 22°C (71°F) that is warm enough for swimming, but you might prefer a thin wetsuit.

Monthly Weather in Greece

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