How to Plan a Trip to Italy and Greece: 6 Tips (2024)

By Chris Quan | Updated Jan. 15, 2024

Italy and Greece are two of the most popular destinations in Europe. These two countries offer a wealth of cultural and natural attractions, from ancient ruins to colorful seaside towns.

For a memorable and hassle-free trip, here are some tips on how to plan your Italy and Greece itinerary well.

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1. How Long to Spend in Italy and Greece

A trip to Italy and Greece would need at least 10 days to take in their main highlights. The 10-day itinerary could be customized based on your preferences.

If you are inclined towards historical and cultural exploration, we suggest allocating more time to Italy, perhaps spending 7 days there and 3 days in Greece. Alternatively, for a leisurely experience with a blend of cultural visits, a recommendation would be to spend 7 days in Greece, including island exploration, and reserve 3 days for Italy.

If you want a profound cultural immersion and don't want to miss out on the Greek island experience, a 2-week trip would be better, as then you could fully enjoy both countries with immersive experiences without feeling rushed. Allocate 1 week in Italy and you could have a more relaxed time to explore its classic cities. Stay for 1 week in Greece to have the chance to explore its islands as well as the capital city.

Three weeks would certainly ensure a much deeper and richer itinerary. We recommend spending 2 weeks touring Italy from north to south, leaving 1 week for the best of Greece.

Tell us your intended travel duration, interests, group size, budget, and other requirements, and our travel consultant would tailor-make your itinerary based on these details. Feel free to contact us.

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2. Italy and Greece Itinerary Suggestions

Here are two popular Italy and Greece itinerary suggestions: a time-smart 10-day itinerary and a classic 14-day one.

Italy and Greece in 10 Days

  • Days 1–3: Athens (arrive and visit ancient remains and temples)
  • Day 4–6: Rome (visit historical ruins and the Vatican)
  • Days 7–10: Florence (explore Florence's arts, architecture, food and wine)

With a 10-day itinerary of Italy and Greece, you would visit the major cities in these two countries. We suggest putting more days in Italy for its most key destinations — Rome and Florence. As for Greece, you would have the opportunity to visit its capital city — Athens.

Athens is a city steeped in the rich tapestry of history, myth, and legend. Immerse yourself in the iconic Acropolis, a paramount hub of ancient cultural relics, where marvels like the Parthenon captivate the imagination. Don't miss the nearby Acropolis Museum, a must-visit complement to your exploration. Venture to Delphi, renowned for its temples and prophetic significance, and behold historic treasures such as the Temple of Apollo among its many renowned sites.

In Italy, you would have the chance to visit the Colosseum and other iconic attractions in Rome. In Florence, explore museums and art galleries showcasing masterpieces, enjoy a pizza and gelato making class, and gain insights into Italy's rustic charm by visiting a family-run winery.

This 10-day itinerary doesn't include a trip to a Greek island trip. If you are looking for a history and island vacation for a family tour or you prefer spending more time in Greece, you could see our 10-Day Italy and Greece Family Essence Tour

If you are seeking a balance between cultural immersion and the enchantment of Greek islands, you could check out the 14-day itinerary below.

If you need help planning your trip to Greece and Italy, feel free to contact us.

2) 14-Day Italy and Greece Itinerary

Week 1: Italy

  • Days 1–3: Rome
  • Days 4–5: Florence
  • Days 6–7: Venice

Week 2: Greece

  • Days 8–9: Athens
  • Days 10–11: Santorini
  • Days 12–14: Mykonos

In a 14-day itinerary, your time in Italy would be relatively relaxed, with some food tours or half a day or a day to explore the city on your own.

In Greece, besides the famous Santorini, you would have the chance to explore the other popular island — Mykonos. There, you could enjoy your free time exploring Mykonos Town by wandering through the narrow, winding streets. Enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, and try water sports. 

If you are interested in the island's history, you could also visit the Archaeological Museum, which houses artifacts from the Cycladic civilization. 

You could also contact us to make adjustments based on your requirements.

3. Costs for a Trip to Italy and Greece

The costs of travel in Italy and Greece are similar. They are relatively affordable destinations for Europe.

About 600 USD per person is the daily cost for a private Greece and Italy tour with a guaranteed hassle-free, quality service, and a first-rate experience.

The price would include airfares within/between Italy and Greece, 4- or 5-star hotels, attractions, guides, and transfers. Kids under 10 would get 30–50% off.

4. Best Times to Visit Italy and Greece

sunset over Oia townSantorini

Italy and Greece enjoy similar weather conditions. They are located close to each other.

If you want the best weather with fewer crowds for Italy and Greece, May, early June, September, and October would be good months to travel there.

Late June, July, and August form the peak season for Greece and Italy. This period provides pleasant weather for a vacation to the Greek islands. If you are planning a trip during this period, booking at least 3 months in advance is recommended.

The winter season (except for around Christmas) is the offseason for a trip to Italy and Greece. You could enjoy good discounts, but rainfall should be expected. 

You could learn more about the weather and seasonal travel tips by reading Best Times to Visit Italy and Best Times to Visit Greece.

5. Which Country to Enter First

Considering the convenience of international flights, starting your journey in Italy or Greece would not make a big difference, as you could easily find international flights to both countries.

For an enhanced travel experience, we recommend commencing from Italy and concluding in Greece. This progression allows for a transition from Italy's rich cultural experiences to the island vibe and relaxation found in Greece.

6. How to Travel between Italy and Greece

Flying is the most popular and recommended way to travel between Italy and Greece. A flight takes about 2 hours.

Rome to Athens is the most common flight route. Venice also has some flights to Athens. There are no direct flights between the Greek islands and Italy. You'll need to get to Athens and then take a plane or ferry to the islands.

Our private tour service would manage all of the transportation in Italy and Greece and also the flights between Greece and Italy, all according to your cost and service requirements.

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