How Much Does a Trip to Greece Cost - Budget Breakdown

By Carper | Updated Feb. 26, 2024

Greece, a well-developed country, is considered a bucket-list destination by many. Its service level and the quality of its tourism industry have advanced along with the times, reflected in a corresponding increase in costs.

Therefore, before embarking on your journey to Greece, you may want to think about your budget and gain a rough idea of the potential expenses to avoid breaking the bank.

Read on to find out more information about trip costs in Greece, including flights, accommodation, meals, and more.

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1. The Cost of International Flights to Greece

Greece has international airports in many cities, including but not limited to Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. We recommend choosing Athens to land at, as it is the main travel hub connecting other domestic destinations.

When flying from cities in the east of the US, such as New York, Washington D.C., and Boston, you can usually find direct flights to Athens starting from US$700 for an economy ticket, with a minimum duration of 9 hours (New York to Athens).

It is very convenient to visit Greece from the UK, with an array of direct airlines operating from cities like Bristol, London, and Manchester. These flights generally cost about US$150 for economy class and have a travel time from 3½ hours (London or Manchester to Athens).

However, you may not find direct flights from Australia to Greece. You would usually need to make at least one stop for a transfer, starting from about US$800 for economy class. The total travel time from Sydney to Athens is approximately 23 hours.

To reduce flight expenses, you could consider accepting more stops or planning your trip to Greece during the low season (from November to March). During these months, tourist numbers decrease, leading to a 10–30% decrease in prices, providing more affordable options.

2. The Cost of Transportation in Greece

  • Transportation: about US$100–300+ per person per day

When you travel between cities or islands in Greece, domestic flights and ferries should always be the first options to consider.

  • Domestic flights are the fastest and most convenient way of traveling, taking about 1 hour with a cost of approximately US$60 per stop, but direct flights may not be available for all city pairs, possibly needing a stop in Athens for a transfer.
  • Ferry fares vary depending on the route, the type of vessel, and the season. For example, a one-way ticket from Athens to Santorini costs approximately US$60 per person in February but increases to US$90 per person during July and August, taking about 5 hours.

Whether you are sightseeing on the mainland or on the islands, there is a considerable distance between scenic spots. Given that the official language of Greece is Greek, instead of using taxicabs, we recommend choosing private transfers to reliably and smoothly stick to a well-planned schedule for a stress-free vacation.

  • Private transfers save you time and effort by handling the route and timetable, allowing you to simply buckle up and appreciate the scenic views. Especially when you are traveling with your family, your luggage could be transported worry-free with a private transfer (costing approximately US$150–200 per person per day, including the full-day service fee of a private driver and all pick-ups and drop-offs).

Consider traveling with Global Highlights to enjoy a stress-free experience. We would book the most suitable transportation method for you according to your preferences and budget, and all transportation fees within Greece would be included in our private tour service, whichever way you prefer to travel.

3. The Cost of Attractions/Activities in Greece

  • Attractions/activities: about US$100 per person per day

In Greece, you could enjoy several free attractions and activities during your trip, such as witnessing the Changing of the Guard in Syntagma Square or hiking Mount Lycabettus for breathtaking views of Athens. Museums and historical sites typically charge between US$10 and US$50 per person. 

For beach activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling, the typical cost is about US$20 to US$40 per person, which could increase to over US$60 per person during the peak season in July and August.

4. The Cost of Meals in Greece

  • Meals: about US$30–100+ per meal

In Greece, it would normally cost you US$30 for a meal in a mid-range restaurant, and it could cost more than US$100 per meal if you are looking for certain culinary experiences, such as eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant or enjoying a candlelit dinner arrangement.

Tipping is a common practice in Greece. You would normally add 10 percent to the fee with a verbal thanks to fully express your satisfaction with the service.

5. The Cost of Accommodation in Greece

  • Accommodation: about US$100–300 per night (4-star)
Hotel Average Cost (Low Season) Average Cost (Peak Season)
3-star hotels $50–150+ per night $80–150+ per night
4-star hotels $100–300+ per night $150–400+ per night
5-star hotels or above $200–500+ per night $250–700+ per night

The cost of accommodation in Greece varies depending on the travel season and the star rating.

During the low season (November to March), prices may decrease by up to 50%. Conversely, the peak season (July to August) sees prices soaring by over 30%–200%. 

For example, 4-star hotels range from US$100 per night to over US$300 per night during the low season but could soar to US$600 per night during the peak season.

With Global Highlights, you could gain exclusive access to expertly-chosen hotel options. From accommodation that is ideal for families to perfect accommodation for couples celebrating special occasions, such as a romantic anniversary, we have it all covered.

Share your preferences with us and let us handle your hotel bookings to ensure a seamless and unforgettable travel experience.

6. Typical Costs for a Trip in Greece

A rough estimate of the average costing for a private trip in Greece: 

Category Average Cost
International flights Depends on where you fly from
(e.g., $700+ from New York to Athens)
Transportation $100–300+ per person per day
Attractions and activities $100+ per person per day
Meals $30–100+ per meal
Accommodation (4-star) $100–300+ per night
Total About $500 per person per day

For first-timers, we recommend at least a 7-day trip in Greece, with Athens and one or two islands, to experience basking in the sun, exploring beaches, and immersing yourself in the cultural landscapes of Greece, accompanied by a local English-speaking tour guide and using private transfers to maximize your vacation.

Generally, the cost of a private personalized tour in Greece with 4-star hotels is about US$500 per person per day based on a group of 2–4 people, which means the cost of a 7-day trip starts from US$3,500 per person.

A private tour with us would include a private driver, private car, domestic transfers, a full-day itinerary, tickets for attractions, and 4-star hotels. Please note that tips, certain activities, and international flights are not included in this price.

During the peak season (July and August) or festivals, such as Easter and Christmas, the costs may increase by 50% due to high demand.

To secure the best deals, it's recommended to reserve flights and hotels 3–6 months in advance to gain an early bird discount. Contact us at Global Highlights for a customized private tour with all of the bookings done for you to make the most your budget. 

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