Italy Weather in February 2024: Crowds and Costs

By Ishaan | Updated Aug. 17, 2023

February in Italy is characterized by cold and moderately wet weather conditions. From Turin and Venice in the north, Rome and Teramo in the center, and Naples and Bari in the south, it remains chilly and damp throughout the country. If you're looking to ski, though, February is a good time to visit one of the ski resorts close to Turin.

The inclement weather conditions discourage most people from traveling to Italy during February. However, if you don't mind a little cold and a bit of rain, you could be rewarded with almost no queues and very few tourists at the museums and historical attractions you've been waiting to visit. It's not crowded at all, and prices are much lower than they'd be during the high season.

If you do plan to travel to Italy during February, remember to carry a thick winter jacket, some sweaters, scarves, a raincoat, an umbrella, warm boots, comfortable walking shoes, woolen hats, and some of your favorite shirts and dresses, to ensure you're well prepared and ready to have a good time!

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Italy Weather in February Overview

  • Average temperature range: 4°C-12°C (39°F-54°F)
  • Season: Cold and Moderately Rainy
  • Rainfall: 63 mm (2.5 inches) in Rome, 58 mm (2.3 inches) in Venice, 56 mm (2.2 inches) in Naples
  • Rainy days: 11 in Rome, 9 in Venice, 12 in Naples

February Weather by Region

Weather conditions in Italy during February can range from extremely cold to moderately rainy depending on which part of the country you're in. By studying the country's three separate climate regions described in detail below, you'll have a much better idea of what to expect as far as expected precipitation and average temperatures are concerned.

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Northern Italy: 1°C-9°C (34°F-48°F)

Most cities such as Turin, Venice, and Milan in northern Italy experience chilly weather during the month of February. The average temperature highs in this part of the country are around 9°C (48°F) and the average temperature low is around 2°C (36°F).

It's also moderately wet in northern Italy during February. It'll be sunny from time to time but you can expect it to be generally overcast for most of the month. Around 9 rainy days can be expected in Venice during the month, at a monthly average of 58 mm (2.3 inches).

Central Italy: 3°C-14°C (37°F-57°F)

It's slight warmer and much more bearable in central Italy than it is in the northern parts of the country. The average maximum temperature (usually recorded during the day) is 13°C (55°F) whereas the average minimum temperature (usually recorded at night) is 4°C (39°F).

You can also expect mildly wet conditions in central Italy, the region that is home to cities such as Rome and Florence. Some days will be sunny but around 11 rainy days, averaging at about 63 mm (2.5 inches) can be expected in this part of the country.

Southern Italy: 6°C-14°C (43°F-57°F)

Southern Italy is much warmer during February as compared to the extreme north but that being said, it can still get pretty chilly in this part of the country. The average maximum temperature in northern Italy hovers closer to the 11°C (52°F) mark and the average minimum temperature hovers closer to the 6°C (43°F) mark.

An average of 56 mm (2.2 inches) of rainfall can be expected in southern Italy during February, meaning the month is marked by generally damp conditions in the parts. About 12 rainy days and rare appearances from the sun can be expected in Naples during February.

Best Places to See in Italy in February

1. Rome

What more is there to say about the Italian capital that hasn't been said already? This centuries-old city is home to some of the most breathtaking architecture, historic neighborhoods, world-class attractions, and mouthwatering food on the planet. From the catacombs to the Colosseum, from the Piazza Navona to the Spanish Steps, days and even weeks could be spent in Rome exploring everything this city has to offer. Regardless of the time of year, a visit to this metropolis in Lazio is a must.

2. Venice

Few other cities apart from Venice can truly compete with Viareggio when it comes to having grandiose Carnevale celebrations in Italy. Although celebrated throughout the nation during the month of February, Carnival in Venice is observed with people dressing up in masks and costumes, and taking to the streets to parade, with music shows and organized dances serving as unforgettable backdrops to the weeks-long festivities!

3. Viareggio

Often looked past, the Tuscan city of Viareggio has much to offer visitors. From nature parks and the charming Massaciuccoli Lake to its old town of Lucca and the city's famed Carnival parade, there's a lot to keep you interested and entertained. We recommend visiting Viareggio during February as it's one of the best cities in not just Italy but also in Europe in which to experience Carnevale. Spread out over five weekends, the boisterous Carnival celebrations here boast marching bands, costumed parades, and some of the biggest floats in the world!

4. Naples

Naples is not only warmer than most other parts of Italy during February, but also one of the disputed food capitals of the country. Its list of culinary creations is staggering, the most notable of which is the universally loved pizza. You can come to Naples simply for the food and that would be enough but once you factor in the fact that the city is also the perfect gateway to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, a visit to the southern metropolitan becomes a near-necessity.

5. Turin

If you're looking to spend some time skiing or taking part in winter sport activities during your time Italy during February, Turin is the place for you. The city may be best renowned for its Baroque and Rococo architectural designs with a charming historic city center for you to wander aimlessly around, but it also serves as the perfect gateway to many a ski resort in the Piedmont region. Moreover, not far from Turin is the city of Ivrea which hosts the Ivrea Carnival and the Battle of Oranges Festival, one of Italy's craziest traditions where the highlight of the Carnival is to chuck oranges at each other! It sounds crazy, and it is… but it's also an immensely good time! The festival takes place around mid-February.

February Crowds and Costs

If you prefer traveling without too many tourists around sharing the experience with you, February is a good time to travel in Italy. Since the weather isn't great, not too many people visit the peninsula or the islands of the country during the month.

This also means that travel costs are generally much lower than what they are during the high season in most parts of Italy except parts of the extreme north that is home to ski resorts. If you're into skiing and winter sports, though, you can expect the regions popular for these activities to be quite crowded and expensive.

You can also expect crowds if attending the boisterous Carnevale parades in different parts of the country, and also if you're shopping over the weekend during Saldi (winter sales) but generally speaking, most of Italy during most of February is free from large crowds of tourists or high prices.

What to Wear in Italy in February

The first items you ought to pack if you're traveling to Italy during the month of February are sweaters and jackets to keep you warm and comfortable, and raincoats and umbrellas that'll keep you nice and dry. These are essentials since it's cold and rainy in most parts of the country during February.

Your other packing essentials for Italy in February include plenty of scarves (these will ensure you're warm yet trendy), long sleeved tops or shirts, your favorite dresses, jeans, woolen hats, boots, comfortable walking shoes, and a pair of gloves.

February Events in Italy

Carnevale (Carnival): Carnevale takes place 40 days before Easter and is designed to be a farewell party where one is allowed to eat, drink, and enjoy as much as one pleases before the arrival of Lent, and the resulting limitations observed during that religious period. Continue to read: A Complete Guide on Venice Carnival 2024

Carnevale takes place anywhere between January and March but is almost always during the month of February, so prepare yourself for fun-filled celebrations in every part of Italy during this time. Expect crowds in most cities during the parades, and although most businesses will stay open, you can expect the smaller, family-run, ones to close up on some days.

Saldi: Saldi takes place twice a year: once during the summer and once in the winter. Although each city and province can declare its own dates, Saldi Invernali, or the winter sales, usually take place for 6-8 weeks from January to mid-February, or until inventory is depleted. These are sales that are mandated by the government and you will find everyone from boutique shops to multinational designer brands all offering their products for amazingly low prices.

Most of the country looks forward to the arrival of Saldi, so if you're also keen to shop during this time, just remember that it could get a little crowded around the weekends. The advantage of wading through crowds, though? Those sweet, sweet, prices on some of the most fashionable clothing items found anywhere in the world.

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