Italy Weather in March 2024: Best Places to Go

By Ishaan | Updated Aug. 17, 2023

March is one of the best times to visit the ever-popular tourist destination that is Italy. Parts of the country will remain cold and rainy but March is warmer than the peak winter months yet less crowded than the peak summer months.

You can expect a few crowds if you plan to go skiing in the Dolomites as March is one of the last months before the closure of ski season, and you can also expect it to be a little crowded in Venice and Viareggio during the Carnival celebrations. However, most places for most of March remain largely free of huge groups of tourists.

Although warmer in central and southern Italy, March does bring with it chilly mornings and nights. As such, be sure you've packed plenty of scarves, sweaters, raincoats, and umbrellas. If you plan on hitting up the beaches in Palermo, it would be a good idea to pack your sunscreen, in addition to bathing suits.

Northern Italy will remain cold and moderately wet throughout March, so do remember to pack plenty of scarves, sweaters, thick jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, boots, walking shoes, and a pair of gloves.

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Italy Weather in March Overview

  • Average temperature range: 1°C-16°C (34°F-61°F)
  • Season: Cold and Moderately Rainy
  • Rainfall: 49 mm (1.9 inches) in Rome, 58 mm (2.3 inches) in Venice, 53 mm (2 inches) in Naples
  • Rainy days: 12 in Rome, 10 in Venice, 13 in Naples

March Weather by Region

Weather conditions in Italy during March can range from cold and gloomy to slightly damp but pleasant depending on which part of the country you're in. By studying the country's three separate climate regions described in detail below, you'll have a much better idea of what to expect as far as expected precipitation and average temperatures are concerned.  

Northern Italy: 1°C-13°C (34°F-55°F)

The northern regions of Italy can feel cold and gloomy during March. The average maximum daytime temperature in this region is usually around 13°C (55°F) and the average minimum nighttime temperature is usually around 3°C (37°F).

Not just that, but to make weather conditions worse, you can even expect it to rain or snow depending on which part of northern Italy you're in. About 58 mm (2.3 inches) of rain can be expected for about a third of March in cities such a Venice. It'll likely snow the further north you go, making conditions ideal for skiing before Spring comes knocking on the door and it starts warming up.

Central Italy: 6°C-16°C (43°F-61°F)

Central Italy experiences far more favorable weather condition during the month of March than does its northern counterpart. The average temperature high in central Italy hovers closer to the 16°C (61°F) mark while the average temperature low in the same hovers closer to the 6°C (43°F) mark.

It'll rain in areas in and around Rome but it's decently pleasant in the region nonetheless. It rains for about half the month on average in central Italy but it's only a mere 49 mm (1.9 inches) that is expected.

Southern Italy: 8°C-14°C (46°F-57°F)

Southern Italy starts warming come the arrival of March. The average maximum temperature is around 13°C (55°F) whereas the average minimum temperature is around 9°C (48°F).

While you won't have endless days of sunshine, you can expect the sun to show itself every now and then. About 53 mm (2 inches) of rainfall is usually experienced in major centers like Naples for about half of March.

Best Places to See in Italy in March

1. Dolomites

March may be the last month you can enjoy ski season in Italy before it gets warm, and what place better than the Dolomites to enjoy the Great Outdoors! It's not as cold during March as it is during the peak winter months of January and February, so you can enjoy your time in the mountains with plenty of sunshine to accompany you. It's also not as busy during March as the ski season is drawing to a close, so you're likely to enjoy the numerous ski resorts and slopes without having too many people around.

2. Viareggio

Carnevale celebrations in the Tuscan city of Viareggio are widely regarded as the best in all of Italy. Often during February but sometimes in March, Carnival celebrations in Viareggio usually take place over five weekends and include costumed parades, live music performances, massive floats the likes of which you're unlikely to see anywhere else on the continent, and marching bands aplenty!

3. Naples

While it will rain every now and again during the month, the ancient city of Naples enjoys longer days of sunshine during March as compared to most cities in the north. The city is one of the culinary capitals of the world, not just Italy, and provides the perfect base for further trips to both Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, so a stop here makes total sense.

4. Palermo

Escape the treacherous winter conditions of the north to spend more time in warm Palermo by hitting up famed museums and local markets to learn more about Sicilian culture and cuisine. While the weather will be transitional and slightly cloudy in Palermo during March, it is still one of the most weather-friendly European destinations you can visit during this time of the year.

March Crowds and Costs

March is one of the best times to visit Italy as it's not as cold as it is during the peak winter months, but also not as crowded as the peak summer months. This means you can enjoy most museums and tourist attractions without having too many people around, without having to pay exorbitant prices for anything.

You can expect relatively larger crowds during the Carnival celebrations in Viareggio and Venice, and in the mountainous regions of the extreme north if you plan to go there to ski, but apart from these, you can expect generally less crowded conditions in most places.

What to Wear in Italy in March

Even though the weather has started to warm in central and southern Italy, you can expect morning and nights to remain chilly in both these parts of the country during March. As such, we recommend packing at least one warm jacket, and a few sweaters and scarves, in addition to your light clothing like shirts and dresses, and your wet weather items such as raincoats and umbrellas.

If you plan on hitting up the beaches of Sicily, do remember to pack your bathing suits, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and towels.

Northern Italy is different, though. Afternoons won't be warm, and it'll likely remain cold and gloomy throughout the day for most of March. That means it's essential you carry a couple of warm coats or jackets, plenty of scarves and a few sweaters, in addition to your boots, comfortable walking shoes, gloves, beanies, raincoats, and umbrellas.

March Events in Italy

Carnevale (Carnival): Carnival is celebrated 40 days before important religious observance of Lent and takes place anywhere between January and March. All major cities in Italy host Carnival celebrations, but the most exuberant festivities are widely accepted to take place in Venice and Viareggio. Carnival celebrations include dressing up in masks and costumes, taking part in marching bands and parades, and having a generally great time drinking and dancing.

While most businesses in Viareggio will resume business as usual throughout most of Carnival, you can expect some of the smaller, family-run, operations to close up for a few days during the festive period.

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Monthly Weather in Italy

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