Italy Weather in October 2024: Weather Tips and Places to Go

By Ishaan | Updated Sep. 27, 2023

October is one of the 'shoulder' travel months in Italy. This means it's neither part of the tourist high-season, nor is it part of the tourist low-season. It's that sweet spot where the weather is pleasant and the country's not too crowded or expensive. Although the evenings can be a little chilly and some rain can be expected during October, overall, it's a wonderful time to visit the Peninsula.

October being a harvest month means sagre, or food and drink festivals, will be organized all over the country, and while these certainly draw relatively big crowds, most of the country for a large part of October remains relatively free of crowds that are one of the mainstay features of the peak travel months. The rather big drop in tourist numbers also results in the prices of most things, ranging from accommodation to transportation, remaining largely reasonable.

If you're planning for a trip to Italy in October, do bear in mind that it will rain, so carrying raincoats and umbrellas is a sure-shot necessity. On that note, it's also a good idea to pack your best, most sturdy, sandals to help you navigate those tricky rain-washed cobblestones.

Apart from these, you'd need comfortable walking shoes, light jackets and sweaters for the cooler evenings, long-sleeved shirts, pants, sundresses, and swimwear for visits to the best Sicilian beaches.

Italy Weather in October Overview

  • Average temperature range: 12°C-21°C (54°F-70°F)
  • Season: Cool but Moderately Damp
  • Rainfall: 85 mm (3.3 inches) in Rome, 95 mm (3.7 inches) in Venice, 85 mm (3.3 inches) in Naples
  • Rainy days: 6 in Rome, 10 in Venice, 5 in Naples

October Weather in Italy by Region

Weather conditions in Italy during October can range from warm yet comfy to cool but damp depending on which part of the country you're traveling to. By studying the country's three separate climate regions described in detail below, you'll have a much better idea of what to expect as far as expected precipitation and average temperatures are concerned.

Northern Italy: 10°C-18°C (50°F-64°F)

Northern Italy during October can be marked by cool yet damp weather conditions. The average maximum temperature (usually recorded during the day) hovers around the 18°C (64°F) mark whereas the average minimum temperature (usually recorded during nighttime) hovers closer to the 10°C (50°F) mark.

Although the sun does make occasional appearances, October is still one of the wettest periods in the region. 95 mm (3.7 inches) of rainfall for about a third of the month can be expected in cities like Venice in the form of autumn showers.

Central Italy: 12°C-22°C (54°F-72°F)

Central Italy experiences mild, pleasant weather conditions during October. The average maximum temperature in these parts during the month is 22°C (72°F) and the average minimum temperature for the same is 12°C (54°F).

Although a moderate amount of rainfall is experienced in central Italy during October, it is still considered one of the best months to visit the region. Even though 85 mm (3.3 inches) of rainfall over 6 days can be expected in these parts during this time, you can still expect plenty of sunshine.

Southern Italy: 14°C-24°C (57°F-75°F)

You can expect very pleasant weather conditions in southern Italy during October. The average maximum temperature in the region during this time is closer to the 22°C (72°F) mark while the average minimum temperature for the same is closer to the 14°C (57°F) mark.

A moderate figure of 85 mm (3.3 inches) of rainfall over a period of 5 days throughout October can be expected in southern Italy. The sun will make sustained appearances for large periods of the month but endless hours of sunshine ought not to be expected.

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Best Places to Visit in Italy in October

1) Rome

Rome is beautiful in October. The weather is mild and pleasant, with long hours of sunshine accompanying you on your travels. Although visits to popular hotspots like the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, or the Pantheon ought not to be ignored, we do also recommend spending time sitting outdoors at cafés and restaurants, relaxing and taking in everyday life as it is in the Capital. Do expect some crowds in popular tourist sites, though.

2) Sicily

Sicily is an absolute dream during October. The weather is perfect, the water is nice and cool, and the crowds have long since dissipated, meaning you have to island all to yourself. Well, not literally, but it feels just as magical! Make sure you spend plenty of time in Palermo taking in the height of city life on the island, Scicli, the City of Caves, and Siracusa which is home to the Temple of Apollo.

3) Tuscany

While you won't find the changing colors of Autumn in Tuscany quite as spectacular as they are in say, New England, it is still amazingly pretty in Italy's famed wine country. Although slightly crowded in the capital city of Florence, you can still enjoy by spending time by the Arno. If you do have time, though, there is nothing quite like leaving the city for the quiet comfort of life in the countryside. In this regard, we recommend the villages of Montepulciano and Lucca in particular.

Crowds and Costs in October in Italy

October is a 'shoulder' travel month in Italy. This means it's neither part of the tourist high season nor part of the tourist low season. It sits in that sweet spot in between where it's neither too crowded and expensive during the month nor uncomfortably unpleasant weather-wise.

The weather is nice and pleasant for the most part; costs for accommodation, entertainment, and transportation are much lower than they were in the months preceding October; and the high-season crowds are now just waning memories.

That being said, October is also part of Italy's harvest season, and you can find food and drink festivals all over the peninsula during this month. If you plan on attending some of the major ones, large crowds of tourists – both local and foreign – ought to be expected.

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What to Wear in Italy in October

What's important to keep in mind whilst traveling in Italy during October is that there will be temperature changes. It could be pleasant and dry during the day and change to it being cool but damp in the evening. It's best to stay prepared by packing layers. Scarves, as always, are greatly helpful in this regard.

It's also highly probable to rain frequently in Italy during October. If you're not into the idea of sporting raincoats during your visits to tourist hotspots, make sure you at least carry an umbrella with you – it'll definitely come in handy.

Other travel essentials for your Italian holiday during October include: sturdy sandals to help you during your walks down rain-washed cobblestones, comfortable walking shoes, light jackets and sweaters for the cooler evenings, long-sleeved shirts, pants, sundresses, and swimwear for visits to the best Sicilian beaches.

October Festivals in Italy

Sagra (Local Food Festival): Sagre are local food and drink festivals that are celebrated all over Italy during the harvest months, October included. They hold much historical significance for the local communities and include everything from truffle and chocolate to pumpkin and chestnut festivals.

Although the bigger sagre are a lot of fun, the best sagre are those organized by the local communities of smaller villages. The best way to find these is to ask locals and keep an eye out for paper advertisements which can be found on the walls of neighboring towns.

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