How to Plan a Trip to Italy and France 2024: 5 Easy Steps

By Chris Quan | Updated Jan. 29, 2024

Italy and France boast numerous world-famous landmarks. They are a good combo for a trip to Europe.

In this guide, we'll help you put together a tour of Italy and France, ensuring a memorable journey filled with culture, history, and scenic beauty.

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How Many Cities to Visit and How Long to Spend There

If you want to make the most of this trip to get a classic experience without rushing, we suggest a period of about 12 to 14 days.

You could spend about a week in Italy in two or three cities, usually chosen from its top three cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice. The other week, you would go to France to tour two or three cities, such as Paris, Marseille, and Nice, which are a classic combination.

If you are short on time, make sure to allow at least 10 days for both countries. Spend 5 days in Italy for one or two cities, such as Rome and Florence for culture and history or Rome and Venice for families.

Another 5 days are an ideal minimum for France. Paris is a must. Besides Paris, you could explore its surrounding areas such as Versailles and Normandy, or add one more city such as Lyon. Lyon is good for its historical sights, old towns, and food, and Nice is renowned for its beaches.

If you want to explore more places in Italy and France, you may need more than 2 weeks. Then, you could explore southern Italy, for example, the Amalfi Coast (2–3 days) and Sicily (3–7 days). You could go to France's Provence (2–3 days) or Bordeaux (2–3 days) for a wine tour.

Italy and France Itinerary Suggestions

Here are two itinerary ideas, for inspiration.

12-Day Itinerary of Italy and France

  • Days 1–2: Rome
  • Days 3–5: Florence
  • Day 6–7: Venice
  • Days 8–11: Paris
  • Days 12: Departure

We suggest not packing your 12-day itinerary too tightly. This 12-day itinerary would focus more on the exploration in Italy. In Paris, considering the limited time and comfort of the pace, we recommend that you spend your time visiting Paris and its surroundings.

During a 1-week trip to Italy, consider visiting the most classic route — Rome, Florence, and Venice. These three cities epitomize Italy's cultural and historical richness, showcasing ancient Roman ruins and various renowned museums. Besides the rich cultural experience, you could also enjoy a gondola ride and an Aperitivo tour in Venice.

In the remaining 5 days in France, visit the famous Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in Paris. Take a trip to Versailles for the gorgeous architecture and decorations. We would arrange private access to wander opulent halls and the famed Hall of Mirrors.

Take a day trip to Normandy. Explore Mont Saint-Michel, an iconic island commune crowned by a medieval abbey, and learn about its fascinating history.  

Then, the next day, embark on a journey to Champagne for a prestigious wine-tasting experience at a renowned Champagne house. Discover the picturesque vineyards and villages before visiting the historic church of Hautvillers, where the history of Champagne-making originated.

Contact us if you need suggestions on your upcoming France and Italy trip. We would create your itinerary based on your interests and requirements.

14 Days in France and Italy

Week 1: France

  • Days 1–3: Paris
  • Days 4–5: Marseille
  • Days 6–7: Nice

Week 2: Italy

  • Days 8–10: Rome
  • Days 11–12: Florence
  • Days 13–14: Venice

In the first week in France, besides Paris, you could go to southern France to explore the French Riviera. Marseille and Nice are the representative cities. There, you could enjoy the beaches and visit old ports, towns, and markets. If you have time, you could discover Monaco, a country within a country.

In Italy, you could go on a classic route to visit the top three cities. Learn about the history of ancient Rome by exploring historical ruins and architecture, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain. Learn about the Renaissance in Florence's museums and streets. Experience the beauty of Venice in its canals.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in this itinerary or if you want to make an itinerary based on your own ideas.

Best Times to Visit France and Italy

If you want to have a good time with comfortable weather and relatively fewer crowds, we recommend visiting France and Italy in April, May, early June, September, and October.

Late June, July, and August are the peak season. July and August are also the months to appreciate Provence's lavender. Summer in France is cooler than in Italy. In July, the highest temperatures in Paris are usually about 30°C (86°F), while Rome sometimes exceeds 35°C (95°F).

If you are planning a summer trip to Italy and France, make sure to book in advance (at least 3 months). With careful planning and expert advice, you could still have an enjoyable tour during the peak season. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Winter is the offseason in both countries. Winters are chilly, sometimes with rain. But you could enjoy less-crowded attractions and get better discounts.

You could learn more information on the weather and travel by reading our Best Times to Visit Italy.

Costs for a Trip to Italy and France

The travel cost in France could be a little more expensive than for Italy. The daily private tour cost in Italy is typically about 400–500 USD per person and 500–600 USD in France.

These estimated prices are based on a high-quality private tour for two people, including airfares within/between Italy and France, 4- or 5-star hotels, attractions, guides, and transfers. Kids under 10 would get 30–50% off.

We would give you a more detailed quote based on your specific itinerary, your travel time, group size, and other requirements. Feel free to contact us.

How to Travel between Italy and France

Flying is the most recommended and quickest way to travel between France and Italy. The major cities in Italy (Rome, Venice, and Florence) have direct flights to Paris. The journey takes about 2 hours.

If you're not in a hurry and want a slower pace of travel, you could also consider taking the train. There is a direct train between Paris and Milan, but it was closed due to a landslide in the Alps. If you want to take a train now, you would need to change at Geneva in Switzerland. The whole train journey takes about 10 hours.

Transportation arrangements between the two countries are included in our tour services. We will recommend the best way for you to travel between Italy and France and book tickets in advance according to the itinerary arrangements between the two countries and your preferences.

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