How Much Does It Cost to Visit Jordan in 2023/2024

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Jordan in 2023/2024

By Carper | Updated Sep. 28, 2023

You might wonder how much it will cost you to travel to Jordan.

Is it affordable? Will there be any hidden costs or unexpected fees?

In this article, we will break down all costs of a Jordan trip, including flights, hotels, meals...

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1. Is Jordan Expensive to Travel To?

Amman, JordanAmman, Jordan

Compared to other countries in the Middle East, Jordan falls in the mid-range bracket for costs. For comparison, Egypt cost 200 USD/person/day and Israel cost 600 USD/person/day. 

Typically, a private personalized tour in Jordan with 4-star hotels costs from 250 USD/person/day (2–4 people), including a private guide, private car, and activities. For those who prefer a more luxurious journey, spending an additional 70–150 USD per person per day would allow you to enjoy 5-star accommodations.

Due to Jordan's strong currency (about 1 JOD = 1.4 USD), which fluctuates with the US dollar, services and goods cost the same as in most developed countries.

With Global Highlights, you can visit Jordan in the most cost-effective way (for a private tour). We would customize your itinerary to meet your needs and ensure that every cent spent is for what you want and adds value to your trip.

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2. Typical Costs for 1-Week Jordan Trip

Camping in the Wadi Rum desert, JordanCamping in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Jordan is not a big country, and you can visit the main attractions within one week on a bucket list trip including Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea.

If you would prefer a more adventurous/exploratory journey, spending two weeks would be more reasonable to allow time for some hiking or trekking and cultural experiences. 

For a family holiday trip, your accommodation cost would vary based on whether you need a family room or not, since most 3-star hotels don't have family rooms. Normally a one-week 3-person family trip would cost from 4,500 USD including tips and meals.

Don't know how long to spend in Jordan? Check these itinerary ideas to find your favorite in 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 12 days, 2 weeks, and more...

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3. The Cost of International Flights to Jordan

Petra, JordanPetra, Jordan

Jordan has only one international airport with intercontinental flights: Queen Alia International Airport, located in the capital city of Amman.

Usually, direct flights to Amman from cities in the U.S., like New York, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco, cost around 2,000 USD for an economy round-trip air ticket and take from 10 hours (departing from New York).

The UK also offers direct flights to Amman from cities like London and Liverpool, which cost approximately 1,000 USD for an economy round-trip and take from 5 hours (departing from London).

Direct flights to Jordan from Australia are also available, with tickets starting from around 3,800–4,500 AUD for an economy round-trip taking 22+ hours (departing from Melbourne).

You can reduce flight costs by accepting more layovers or choosing to visit Jordan during the low season. January, February, July, and August are the best times to book flights to Jordan, as there are fewer tourists visiting the country due to weather conditions in these months, when flight prices are typically 40% lower than in other seasons.

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4. The Cost of Meals in Jordan

Hummus and Falafel, traditional Jordanian foodHummus and Falafel, traditional Jordanian food

Food in Jordan is not spicy and is full of savory flavors, which should definitely please your taste buds. Some local cuisine is also vegetarian-friendly, so you can easily find dishes to suit your dietary needs.

  • In local restaurants, a simple meal may cost you about 7 USD.
  • In a mid-range restaurant, a meal with three courses for two people would typically cost you about 50 USD.

If you are not interested in local foods, you can always opt for familiar foods at international restaurants run by foreigners from all around the world. The cost depends on what you order, and will be clearly indicated on the menu.

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5. The Cost of Accommodation in Jordan

Roman ruins in Jerash, JordanRoman ruins in Jerash, Jordan

Typically, a 3-star hotel in Jordan costs between 20 and 70 USD per night. However, it is important to note that many 3-star hotels may not live up to their star rating.

For the best experience, we recommend booking a 4-or-5-star hotel with English-speaking service, delicious breakfast options, and comfortable beds. Prices for 4-star hotels range between 80 and 120 USD per night, while 5-star hotels cost around 110 to 180 USD per night. Some super-luxury hotels may cost over 200 or even 300 USD per night.

During low-season months such as January/February and July/August, prices may decrease up to 20%. Conversely, prices may increase by more than 30% during the peak season from March to May and September to November.

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