How to Plan a 7-Day Egypt and Jordan Itinerary (2024/2025)

By Rita | Updated Aug. 28, 2023

Are you considering a week's trip to both Egypt and Jordan? As 7 days would only allow a quick visit to both countries, it's advisable to narrow your focus to one or two specific regions within each country. This would allow you to experience the diverse facets of the Middle East in the limited time of 7 days.

If this is your first visit to both countries, Cairo should be on your bucket list for your Egypt trip. In Jordan, first-timers usually don't want to miss the capital, Amman, and the red-hued canyon of Petra.

Read on to discover the following classic itinerary and cost-saving tips, which would help you to maximize your time and experience.

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A Classic 7-Day Egypt and Jordan Itinerary

Marveling around the PetraMarveling around the Petra

This itinerary is specially designed for first-timers. You would have opportunities to marvel at the majestic pyramids in Cairo, discover the hidden gems beyond Amman, and encounter the mysterious Rose City — Petra.

A classic route is suggested below for inspiration: 3 days in Egypt and 4 days in Jordan.

Days 1–3: Exploring Cairo's Timeless Treasures

Old CairoOld Cairo

Cairo is home to the majestic pyramids. You could take a camel ride around the popular Giza complex but also uncover the hidden secrets behind the Step Pyramid in tranquil Saqqara. If you want to snap the best photos with pyramids effortlessly, don't miss the Cairo Citadel at sunset, or consider a boutique hotel with views of the pyramids.

To add some icing to your quality time, you and your loved one(s) could hunt for food in hidden alleys and watch traditional shows together. Taking a sunset Nile cruise could be a surprise for a special night.

If you want to have a quick look at the Mediterranean, you could take a day trip to Alexandria.

Days 4–5: Discovering Amman's Ancient Charm

Crossing into Jordan, you would continue visiting historical marvels in Amman: the Citadel, the Roman Theater, and the ancient city of Jerash. To contrast with these historical explorations, you could float effortlessly on the Dead Sea or take our customized scenic hiking tours in Jerash.

During your journey toward Petra, you could make a stopover in Madaba to experience its unique mosaic artistry and visit St. George's Church. Additionally, if you're interested in visiting the biblical sites, you may not want to miss the nearby Mount Nebo. From there, you could enjoy panoramic views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

Days 6–7: Immersing Yourself in Petra's Enigmatic Beauty

As you step into Petra's rocky realm, a world of awe-inspiring architecture and history unfolds. You could hike the narrow Siq, stand in wonder before the Treasury, and ascend to the Monastery for panoramic views. If you are thrill-seekers, we could also exclusively create a customized hiking tour just for you.

For a truly enchanting experience, you could take in the spectacle of Petra by Night and wander around a candlelit Petra. This special event is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the square in front of the Treasury.

If you would like some time in a peaceful atmosphere, you could venture into the desert area of Wadi Rum. You could experience a thrilling jeep safari, go camping in the tranquil desert, and even take a romantic hot-air balloon ride.

Want More Options?

Indeed, with just 7 days, exploring both Egypt and Jordan could be a bit rushed and you would miss some of the top highlights. To make the most of your week, focusing on a single country is more advisable. This would allow you to really dive into that country's highlights and enjoy a more relaxed tour pace. You could take a look at the itineraries for 7 days in Egypt or 7 days in Jordan.

If you want to visit both Egypt and Jordan in one trip, you're recommended to spend at least 12 days traveling. You would have time to explore all the best of Egypt and Jordan, from their history to their landscapes: the magnificent pyramids, the grand sandstone city of Petra, the stunning Nile, and the magical Dead Sea.

Floating in the Dead SeaFloating in the Dead Sea

See the following 12-day Egypt–Jordan itinerary for an illustration: 1 week in Egypt and 5 days in Jordan.

  • Days 1–3 in Cairo, Egypt (the Giza pyramid complex, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Cairo, a food tour, and the Khan el-Khalili market)
  • Days 4–7 on a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor, Egypt (the Philae temple complex, the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Horus, the Luxor Temple, and the Karnak temple complex)
  • Days 8–10: fly to Amman, Jordan (the Citadel, the Roman Theater, the ancient city of Jerash, and a day trip to the Dead Sea)
  • Days 11–12 in Petra (the Siq, the Treasury, the Monastery, and Petra by Night)

You could try more activities with our 12-day Egypt and Jordan tour customization. If you'd like us to create your own itinerary, tell us your needs and receive a tailor-made tour plan within 24 hours.

How Much Is a 1-Week Egypt and Jordan Trip?

Both Egypt and Jordan are more affordable when it comes to Middle East trips. If you take a private tour, the costs in Egypt are US$150–250 per day per person, while a private Jordan tour falls in the range of US$200–300 per day per person. Children under 10 could receive discounts of between 30% and 50%.

You could invite more family members or friends to get a lower price per person. Traveling right before or after the peak times (March, April, October, and November) is advisable to benefit from reasonable weather at lower prices.

Personalizing Your Middle East Trips With Us

You are warmly welcomed to have us customize your own trip based on your group size, interests, and other needs. Sit back and use our Create My Trip service.

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