Best and Worst Times to Visit Egypt and Jordan 2024/2025

By Vicky Leng | Updated Jul. 27, 2023

Egypt and Jordan are a popular combination for travelers visiting the Middle East. Both countries offer amazing experiences that will not disappoint you, such as visiting iconic pyramids, taking a charming Nile cruise, or floating effortlessly on the Dead Sea.

The best times to visit both Egypt and Jordan are in March, April, October, and November when the temperatures are mild and comfortable. For Egypt, the optimal time to visit is from October to April, with pleasant temperatures ranging from 66–86°F (18–30°C). As for Jordan, the best times to visit are from March to May and September to November, when the temperatures range from 64–81°F (17–27°C).

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Best Times for Lower Costs and Fewer Crowds in Egypt and Jordan

Nile cruise in EgyptNile cruise in Egypt

Our private tours include 4-star hotels, full-day itineraries, tickets for attractions, a private car, and a private guide. The cost in Egypt is about US$200–250 per day per person, and the cost in Jordan is about US$200–300 per day per person. Therefore, the average cost to visit both countries is about US$250 per day per person.

  • December and January are the most expensive times to visit Egypt and Jordan as it's the peak season with pleasant weather and the Christmas and New Year holidays. The costs can be as high as US$550–800 per day per person.
  • February to April and September to November are relatively cheap times to travel to both countries. The weather is fine and the costs are about US$400–550 per day per person.
  • May to August is the cheapest time to visit and the costs would be about 30% off.

When choosing a time to travel with lower costs and fewer crowds in both countries, we recommend you focus on the cheaper period in Egypt as you would spend more time in Egypt and the time in Jordan would focus on the scenic spots, so consider the impact weatherwise.

The off-season in Egypt, from May to August, is the cheaper time with fewer crowds to worry about, although the hot temperatures average about 95°F (35°C). Similarly, the summer months from June to August have lower costs and fewer crowds when traveling to Jordan.

Tips for the best value for money trip: Most clients tend to focus their trips on Egypt because the costs in Egypt are cheaper compared to Jordan, and you would have the opportunity to spend more time there.

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Best Times for a Family Trip to Egypt and Jordan

floating on the Dead Sea in JordanFloating on the Dead Sea in Jordan

December to February, being the peak season, is the best time for a family to travel to Egypt and Jordan to experience family-friendly activities, such as taking a Nile cruise, enjoying camel rides, and floating effortlessly on the Dead Sea.

During the months of December to February, Egypt experiences mild and comfortable temperatures ranging from 66–79°F (18–26°C), and Jordan is colder with an average daily high temperature of about 57°F (13°C). The Dead Sea in Jordan is less affected by the winter weather due to its constant temperature. Even in winter, the daily high temperature at the Dead Sea remains about 72°F (22°C).

Peak seasons mean higher costs and larger crowds. If you are preparing to travel during these periods, we suggest you book your flights and hotels at least 3–6 months in advance to secure them at more reasonable prices, at least departing before December 20th to get a better price for flights. Contact us for more recommendations for creating a hassle-free trip.

Summer is another high season for local Egypt family trips. Summer in Egypt is extremely hot with temperatures ranging from 95–108°F (35–42°C). If summer is the only time you have, then June is the best time to spend your summer vacation in Egypt and Jordan. June is less crowded and cooler compared to July and August.

Spring break is also an ideal time to travel to both countries with fine weather, fewer crowds, and cheaper costs.

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Worst Times to Visit Egypt and Jordan

Giza pyramids in Cairo, EgyptGiza pyramids in Cairo, Egypt

Considering the temperatures, the worst times to travel around Egypt and Jordan are the hottest times in both countries, which are from May to August. The temperatures reach 90–102°F(32–38°C). In Aswan in Egypt, the temperature can even exceed 108°F (42°C).

These worst times, however, also offer benefits in that you can expect cheaper costs and fewer crowds. If you're planning a summer trip with your school-age children, we suggest that you travel in June when it is not so hot, with a daily high temperature of about 93°F (33°C).

To avoid the heat, you're recommended to do outdoor activities in the early morning or late in the afternoon to minimize your exposure to the intense heat.

If crowds really bother you, you'd better avoid the peak seasons from December to February, especially Christmas and New Year. To escape the crowds in the high season, we suggest you visit Egypt and Jordan 2 weeks earlier or later than Christmas.

Our specialist travel consultant would make your trip more worry-free, which is especially helpful in the bad weather months or peak seasons. Contact us for more suggestions.

Egypt and Jordan Travel Guide by Month

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  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

January Weather in Egypt and Jordan: Popular Month to Visit

Hot air balloon ride in Luxor, EgyptHot air balloon ride in Luxor, Egypt
  • Egypt: average highs 66–75°F (18–23°C), dry except for around Alexandria with 50mm (2") of rain
  • Jordan: average highs 55°F (12°C), and the Dead Sea is about 68°F (20°C). Rainfall is about 50 mm (2 inches) away from the Dead Sea.

January is one of the best times to discover the iconic highlights of both countries. You could indulge in the pyramids complex, an amazing Nile cruise, and the impressive Roman ruins in Jordan, and celebrate New Year with your family.

If you want to travel to Egypt and Jordan in January, we suggest you plan ahead and make an early reservation (at least half a year in advance) to book your preferred hotels at a reasonable price during this holiday season.

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