Jordan Weather in May: Travel Tips for First-Timers

Jordan Weather in May: Travel Tips for First-Timers

By Zairah | Updated Feb. 21, 2024

May marks the end of spring. For many, it is the last chance to visit Jordan in good weather before summer heat takes over.

May is also relatively dry in Jordan with the exception of the northern areas which can receive occasional showers. The travelers who would like to avoid the holy month of Ramadan but seek the merciful weather of spring would be visiting Jordan in May, which is already a busy month. Have your plans ready and prepare ahead to make the most of your trip in May.

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Weather of Jordan's Major Cities in May:

City in Jordan Ave. Min. Temp. Ave. Max. Temp.
Amman 14.2°C (57.56°F) 30.0°C (86°F)
Petra 15.1°C (59.18°F) 30.2°C (86.36°F)
Irbid 13.0°C (55.4°F) 29.4°C (84.92°F)
Aqaba 16.4°C (61.52°F) 30.8°C (87.44°F)
Madaba 14.4°C (57.92°F) 29.3°C (84.74°F)
Jerash 13.4°C (56.12°F) 29.6°C (85.28°F)
Maan 16.0°C (60.8°F) 31.1°C (87.98°F)
Ajloun 13.5°C (56.3°F) 29.6°C (85.28°F)
City in Jordan Ave. Rainfall. Ave. Days
Amman 2mm (0.1") 1
Petra 2mm (0.1") 1
Irbid 4mm (0.2") 2
Aqaba 7mm (0.3") 1
Madaba 2mm (0.1") 1
Jerash 3mm (0.1") 1
Maan 2mm (0.1") 1
Ajloun 3mm (0.1") 1

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Best Places to Visit in Jordan in May

1) Wadi Rum

Make the most of the declining cold weather and invest your time in outdoor activities. Wadi Rum is a perfect option for those who want to explore it in its full glory. From camel rides to star gazing to hot air balloon rides, Wadi Rum can prove to be the perfect place to avail the favorable weather conditions of spring.

Wadi Rum has great rock-climbing courses to offer to those who are fond of rock climbing, the routes are suitable for both skilled and unskilled rock climbers. If you don't have your own rock-climbing equipment you can rent it locally. May, can be the best month to explore this hobby with the weather on your side.

After enjoying the landscape of Wadi Rum on land you can push it a step further and go for a hot air balloon ride to enjoy it from the sky and capture the vastness of the flower studded desert.

2) Petra

Petra offers several hiking opportunities, including the popular trek to the Monastery. The moderate May temperatures provide favorable conditions for hiking. Taking the hiking trails to explore Petra can be a challenging but rewarding experience. The trails range from easy to difficult so hiring a local guide to help with navigation is recommended.

Depending on the difficulty level, some trails can be quieter and less-crowded than the others, such as, The Al-Madras Trail which takes you through some less-visited parts of Petra, offering a more relaxed and secluded experience. You can explore various rock formations and tombs along the way.

The panoramic views of the sublime landscape of Petra from the hiking trails are timeless and unforgettable, the balanced weather of May can help you take advantage of your visit to Petra right before the scorching heat of summer sets in.

But don't be fooled by spring. It can get quite hot in the sun, remember to wear proper hiking shoes and stay hydrated. Begin your journey in the early hours of the day so that you can take several short breaks to catch your breath and soak the unreal beauty of Petra in.

3) Ajloun

Ajloun, located in northern Jordan, is known for its historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. May is a pleasant time to visit Ajloun, as the weather is generally mild and conducive to outdoor exploration.

It is surrounded by a lush green forest, and the Ajloun Forest Reserve is an excellent place for nature enthusiasts. Hike along its rich trails that are known for wildlife spotting, you may also want to visit the Ajloun Nature Museum to learn more about the local flora and fauna as it provides an insightful display of the biodiverse area.

You may also want to visit the famous Ajloun Castle, an iconic 12th-century fortress built during the Crusader period. You can explore its well-preserved rooms and towers, and enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding countryside from its vantage points.

Ajloun can provide a perfect escape from the crowds that rush to all popular sites of Jordan during high season, while still giving you an opportunity to experience the diverse world of Jordan in terms of art, culture, beautiful landscapes and food.

4) Madaba

The city of Mosaics; Madaba is a fascinating city with a rich history, it possesses the treasure of ancient mosaic art. The city is a unique amalgam of Roman and Ottoman culture and art beautifully preserved in time.

From the shrine of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist, to the Orthodox St. George Church to the King Hussein Mosque, Madaba is a geographical testament of the diverse culture and rich history of Jordan.

The church of St. George is the most famous attraction in Madaba, known for its extraordinary mosaic map of the Holy Land, dating back to the 6th century. The map covers the floor of the church and offers intricate details of ancient cities and biblical sites.

Located near the church is the Madaba Archaeological Park which possesses several ancient mosaic floors, including those from Byzantine churches. May can be the perfect time to visit Madaba for a cultural tour if you want to escape the high season crowds on the major tourist attractions of Jordan.

It also serves as a convenient base for day trips to other attractions in Jordan, including the Dead Sea, Amman, and Petra.

Jordan Festivals in May

Jordan celebrates its Independence Day on May 25th every year. The holiday is celebrated with patriotic enthusiasm and fervor. As the day approaches, the buildings, streets and public spaces throughout the country are decorated with national symbols and colors, the community gathers on the day to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Flag-raising ceremonies, parades and fireworks are conducted nationwide.

Another major festival; Medaina Festival, is set to launch in May 2024. It is gaining popularity among tourists and music lovers all around the world, the festival will start from May 22 and continue till May 27, 2024, opening at Jordan's archaeological city of Petra before migrating to Wadi Rum on the third day.

Nicknamed Mars on Earth due to its otherworldly scenery, the event will span several days, with an international line-up of techno musicians and DJs to drown Jordan's historical sites in thumping electronic beats.

Costs and Crowds in May

May being the last month of spring is considered as part of the peak tourist season in Jordan, big crowds are expected on all famous sites, planning and booking at least 3-6 months ahead can help you secure better prices.

What to Pack in May?

Packing for Jordan in May requires careful consideration of the weather and the activities you plan to engage in. May is generally a pleasant time to visit Jordan, with mild to warm temperatures.

Pack breathable lightweight clothing suitable for warm daytime temperatures and a light, warm jacket for nighttime, comfortable shoes for hiking and exploring and modest swimwear if you plan to indulge in water activities.

While it is still spring in Jordan in May, the temperatures can get high during the day and it can get hot in the sun, starting your day early and carrying proper sun protection gear can come in handy. If you want to avoid heat altogether, consider visiting Jordan in March or Spring.

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