Jordan Weather in March: Travel Tips for First-Timers

Jordan Weather in March: Travel Tips for First-Timers

By Zairah | Updated Feb. 21, 2024

With winter notes fading away and spring settling in, March can be an ideal month to visit Jordan for those who love spring, wildlife, nature and flowers. During this month the temperatures are neither too cold, nor too warm and just about right in most places which makes it an almost perfect time to visit Jordan.

Beware of the crowds though, by the end of the month tourists start gathering up on all popular sites so if you wish to avoid large crowds, you may want to plan your visit in the early weeks of the month.

If you wish to treat your eyes with a taste of wildflowers announcing the arrival of spring you must focus your trip towards Jordan's northern region. The valleys blanketed in flowers and the air adorned with the earthy scents of nature offer an ethereal experience that must not be missed.

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Weather of Jordan's Major Cities in March

Jordan City Ave. Min. Temperature Ave. Max. Temperature
Amman 6.1°C (43°F) 17.2°C (63°F)
Petra 6°C (42.8°F) 19°C (66.2°F)
Irbid 7.3°C (45.1°F) 16.9°C (62.4°F)
Aqaba 12.9°C (55.2°F) 25.7°C (78.3°F)
Madaba 9.8°C (49.6°F) 19.8°C (67.6°F)
Jerash 6.5°C (43.7°F) 19.2°C (66.56°F)
Maan 5.3°C (41.5°F) 19°C (66.2°F)
Ajloun 26.7°C (44.06°F) 19.4°C (66.92°F)
Jordan City Ave. Rainfall Ave. Days
Amman 43mm (1.69") 8
Petra 15mm (0.59") 4
Irbid 88mm (3.46") 9.5
Aqaba 5mm (0.2") 1.5
Madaba 18mm (0.71") 7
Jerash 25mm (1.0") 5
Maan 7mm (0.28") 1.7
Ajloun 27mm (1.1") 5

Top Places to Visit in Jordan in March

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Spring shifts the pace of life in this city, throughout the month of march Amman hosts several cultural events and festivals to welcome both spring and tourists. It has great food to offer and shopping and exploring becomes easier with moderate temperatures. If you aren't shy of crowds, Amman can serve as an excellent base for the nearby attractions like, Jerash, Madaba and The Dead Sea.

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The ancient Roman ruins of Jerash become hauntingly beautiful with the arrival of spring, the burst of wildflowers against the dead ruins blesses the landscape with a collision of time frames. It offers both the mystery of present and the echoes of the past.

March falls out of the category of peak tourist-season in Jerash so fewer crowds and favorable weather provide an excellent opportunity for exploring the city and indulging in the cultural experience it offers.


Popular for its lush green hills, Ajloun comes to life in spring. The city offers breathtaking views of both nature and ancient history. The city houses a 12th century fortress; Ajloun Castle that was built by a sultan and a military leader Saladin. The castle rests on top of Mount Auf from where it provides contrasting views of the lush green valley and the surrounding desert.

Only 20 minutes away from the fortress is a beautifully preserved nature reserve, Aljoun Forest Reserve, the reserve provides a refreshing break from the barren landscape of Jordan. Spring in march brings birds to this forest that is a declared important bird area. The soothing sounds of happy birds seeking the nectar of flowers and harvesting the bounties of spring gives one an opportunity to escape from the deafening noise of busy city life.


March may be the most perfect and favorable month to visit Aqaba for those who love swimming and water activities. With chilly winter winds departing and hot summer heat a month away, march provides ideal conditions to explore the coastal belt of the city.

From water sports and beach activities to exploring Aqaba Marine Park to boat tours along the coast of the Red Sea, this city is packed with opportunities of adventure for people of all age groups.

If you are a bird watching enthusiast do not forget to plan a visit to Aqaba Bird Observatory where you can observe flocks of migrating birds during this time of the year.

With so much to offer and such little time before the summer heat settles in, Aqaba gets crowded during this month. It is advised to plan ahead to avoid any mishaps.


We have already established that spring is the best time to visit Jordan, Petra is no exception. The arrival of spring brings life to the intricate rock structures of Petra. Among other things to do to make the most of the landscape embracing spring, you must experience Petra by night.

Dipped in the golden glow of over 1500 candles, its burnt orange rocks bathing even more brighter in candlelight under the silver glow of starlight, the whole landscape of Petra transforms into a giant lamp by nightfall.

Like moths to flame, spring brings tourists from all over the world to Petra to witness this unreal sight. The light from candles casts dancing shadows on the giant rock structures of Petra adding to the haunting beauty of this mysterious landscape. Petra by night is hosted all through the year but the shifting temperatures and changing season makes march an ideal time to experience Petra by night.

Jordan Festivals in March

The Amman International Theatre Festival is a cultural festival that takes place in March every year. The festival's main goal is to promote artistic diversity, foster cultural understanding, and increase appreciation for the theater. It takes place in different venues throughout Amman.

Ramadan, is a religious festival that will fall in march in 2024. It is a holy month wherein Muslims observe fasts for the whole month. Visiting Jordan during the holy month of Ramadan would mean planning ahead for visits and meals as food may not be readily available during the fasting hours of the day. It would also mean you have to be a culturally sensitive and considerate traveler during your visit. While people will not expect you to follow the rules and regulations of Ramadan, being considerate in consuming food during the fasting hours may present you with an added opportunity to experience the Jordanian culture up-close.

Costs and Crowds in March

The costs and crowds may vary according to the locations you plan to visit but generally, March due to its ideal temperatures is considered the best time to visit Jordan and therefore it is considered peak season in most places. Booking ahead can be the key to saving some money.

What to Pack in March?

Even with moderate temperatures of spring the weather can get chilly during the evenings, you may want to consider packing a few warm layers. Spring means a breath of fresh air and burst of life on the landscape, march can be excellent for exploring and hiking so don't forget to bring your most comfortable pair of hiking shoes and some sun protection and a hiking stick.

During Ramadan dressing modestly is encouraged so do consider this while packing clothes for your visit in Ramadan that will usually fall in March annually.

Spring and spring break brings tourists to Jordan from around the world, planning ahead specially for popular sites is the key to having an unforgettable and incredible travelling experience. If you are a budget traveler and someone who doesn't like large crowds consider visiting Jordan off-season in other months.

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