How to Dress Properly in Egypt

How to Dress Properly in Egypt

By Robert | Updated Sep. 28, 2023

First-time visitors should note that Egypt has exotic customs and an ancient culture. It is a country with great cultural diversity. So, it may be a challenging task to understand what exactly to pack to ensure that you are dressed appropriately when traveling in Egypt. Here we have curated a list that will help you pack your bags with the right clothing.

Know the Weather First

It seldom rains in Egypt, and the days are usually hot. There are only two seasons: a hot summer from May to October, and a warm winter from November to April. Besides summer wear, you should also pack warm clothes (such as a jacket) because the temperature can drop quickly at night (the lowest temperature is about 10°C / 50°F).

The Egyptian summer is famous for its devastating hot and dry weather. Therefore, we recommend packing light-colored clothes instead of dark shades. Light-colored clothing reflects the strong sunlight and keeps us cool under the sun. Sunglasses and a hat are also essential for the trip, even if you travel to Egypt in the winter.

Follow the Local Style, Don't Be an Alien

When traveling to a different country, following the local style could be an authentic experience that makes the trip unique and memorable.

If we observe carefully, we will see that the men in Egypt are quite smart but not that fashionable. They usually wear simple full- or short-sleeved shirts and pair them with trousers. Not many people wear t-shirts or jeans on the streets, but those are acceptable forms of dressing too.

As for the women in Egypt, they dress more conservatively than their male counterparts. You are very unlikely to see a Egyptian woman wearing shorts. Some wear loose robes while others may have their hair covered.

Egypt is a country that is largely influenced by Islamic culture. We recommend that you respect local traditions, follow the local people, and not be too flashy when traveling: do not wear shorts, mini-skirts, or clothing that may appear provocative (such as bikinis, low-cut blouses, crop tops, etc.). You would feel like an alien, and may get into trouble.

Having said that, while at resorts or on the beach, you can choose to wear whatever you please. Check with your local guide in advance if you need help.

Visiting Different Destinations

Thanks to the diversity of Egypt, you can enjoy varied experiences during your stay there. There are a lot of interesting destinations, attractions, and activities that you can do, and the dress code is more likely to be determined by where you plan to go and what you do.

Religious Sites: Mosques, Temples, and Churches

Egypt is a predominantly Islamic country. Some of the mosques require you to take off your shoes (some provide optional shoe covers) and cover yourself from head to toe (normally travelers can borrow a robe-like garment at the mosque).

When visiting religious sites, you don't need to dress up in formal clothes; your everyday, regular clothes are fine, but you must ensure religiously-sensitive skin and hair coverage.

The local people are more sensitive during the Ramadan season, so it would be wise to pay more attention to the dress code when traveling during this time. You don't want to attract unwanted attention during your holiday, do you?

Dress Code for the Cruise

Bring a smart outfit if your plan includes going on the Nile cruise or the cruise on Lake Nasser. It would be appropriate for the formal night on board; however, you don't need to pack formal suits if you don't want to.

Be aware that there will be a lot of insects around the Nile, so it is recommended that you carry an anti-bugspray.

Although you can't swim in the Nile, most of the cruise ships have a pool on the upper deck, so you may consider bringing swimwear if you don't want to miss that.

Dress Code for Coastal Cities and Resorts

Unlike the major cities or religious sites, travelers can be themselves in the coastal cities and resorts (such as in Sinai or Red Sea resorts). You can wear shorts, sleeveless shirts, and even a bikini (basically, anything works there).

To conclude, feel free to wear what you like. The locals are used to it!

For a yacht ride, slippers or sandals would make you more comfortable in the salty water.

What About Shoes?

Most of the attractions have no shuttle bus, including the large temples and museums.

Considering the weather and culture of Egypt, comfortable lightweight walking shoes should be on the top of your packing list!

You may also bring sandals if your trip includes beaches and coastal resorts.

Visitors are not allowed to walk in most of the mosques with shoes; therefore, thick socks would be helpful unless you are okay being barefoot.

About Your Packing List

To ensure that you fit in during your trip to Egypt, here are some ideas on what to pack.

Medicines and Toiletries

You may not be able to find a medicine you're looking for if you can't read Arabic. Therefore, it would be a good idea to pack some over-the-counter medicines (for example, pain relievers, contact lens products, motion sickness medicines, and anti-allergy medicines).

Sanitation is not quite up to the mark in Egypt; therefore, it is suggested that you bring tissues, hand wipes (or hand sanitizers), and medicines for diarrhea with you. Don't forget to pack a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF and any medicine that you regularly take.


Egypt uses the Europlug, and the power supply is 220 V 60 Hz, so carrying an international power adapter is advisable.

Carry a camera, memory cards, batteries, chargers, and a power bank if needed.


Considering the weather and diversity of Egypt, here is a general idea of what to pack, with an emphasis on traveling light (the laundry service there is not costly at all, and the dry weather will ensure the washed clothes are ready by the next morning).

  • Sandals or slippers, 1-2 pairs of comfortable, breathable walking shoes
  • Socks
  • A pair of shorts, swimwear, one coverup (for beaches, pools, and yacht ride)
  • 3-5 tops, 1-2 bottoms, 2-3 maxis
  • Sunglasses, scarves, a hat, and travel towel

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