Weather in Egypt in September: Travel Tips for First-Timers

By Margaux | Updated Dec. 29, 2022

With September being towards the end of summer in Egypt, it's a good time to visit for both sightseeing and to head over to Egypt's beach cities.

Temperatures are a few degrees lower than those in July and August throughout September, but you are still guaranteed hot and sunny days regardless of where in Egypt you visit.

To find out more about where is best to visit in September, what temperatures you can expect in the different cities, what to wear when you visit Egypt in September, and more, read on.

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Egypt Weather in September: Overview

  • Average temperature range in Cairo and Alexandria (north of Egypt): 22°C–34°C (72°F–93°F)
  • Average temperature range in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Luxor (middle/south of Egypt): 22°C–39°C (72°F–103°F)
  • Rainfall: 0 mm on average in September
  • Rainy days: 0 days on average
  • Sunny days: all days

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Egypt Regional Weather in September

As with most other months, rainfall in Egypt in September is minimal. You can expect approximately 0 rainy days regardless of where you go.

Alexandria is the only city that has the occasional bit of rain, but with an average rainfall of 1 mm (0.04 in) in September, that's hardly going to put you off visiting at this time of year!

Location Min. Temp. Max. Temp. Rainfall
Alexandria 22°C (72°F) 30°C (86°F) 1 mm (0.0 in)
Cairo (and Giza) 22°C (72°F) 34°C (93°F) 0 mm
Luxor 22°C (72°F) 39°C (103°F) 0 mm
Aswan 25°C (78°F) 40°C (105°F) 0 mm
Hurghada 25°C (78°F) 35°C (95°F) 0 mm
Sharm el-Sheikh 27°C (82°F) 36°C (97°F) 0 mm

In terms of temperatures throughout the country, September is a warm month. Alexandria is the coolest city in September, with a daily maximum temperature of 30°C (86°F) on average. The hottest temperatures are found around Aswan, where temperatures can reach a maximum of 40°C (105°F) in September.

With "autumn" (actually the transition from Egypt's hot dry season to its mild winter with a little rain), temperatures fall rapidly throughout September, especially in Cairo, where temperatures fall at a degree C (1.5°F) per week.

Egypt's beach destinations are great options to visit in September, as the temperatures hover around the 25°C (78°F) minimum and 36°C (97°F) maximum. Humidity in these cities is around 41% in September, which is quite comfortable for a beach holiday.

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Best Places to Visit in Egypt in September

Best Places to Visit in Egypt in September

1. Cairo and Giza

A trip to Egypt will likely start with Cairo and Giza, where you'll find incredible historical sights that cannot be missed: The Pyramids of Giza, the Grand Egyptian Museum, and many architectural sights in Cairo (many of which you can find in this article about planning a trip to Cairo).

We recommend early-morning visits to outdoor sights as the temperatures will be lower, or spending the hotter hours indoors at the Grand Egyptian Museum for example, or inside the pyramids at Giza. The midday hours might otherwise be hot.

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2. Alexandria

Alexandria is the coolest city in Egypt in September, and it is worth stopping by for a day or even two to see the Alexandria National Museum and walk the same streets that Alexander the Great did.

Its location on the Mediterranean made it an important city in Egypt's history, and you'll be able to see this in the museum.

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3. Sharm el-Sheikh

If you are hoping to visit a beach while you are in Egypt in September, Sharm el-Sheikh definitely somewhere that should be on your list. It is a great place to go snorkeling and diving, and is arguably the most perfect spot for a beach holiday in September.

Sharm el-Sheikh is also near Ras Muhammad National Park, which is where you'll find a variety of sea life to swim out/down and see.

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Crowds and Cost

While many of Egypt's tourist destinations always have some crowds (think the pyramids, for example, which are on so many people's bucket lists), September is a quieter time of the year to visit, as it is a few months off of the peak time of December and January. Crowds at the top tourist destinations will certainly be slightly less during this time of year.

Demand for accommodation and flights will also be lower, lowering prices for these across the country. From a cost perspective, September is thus a great time of year to visit.

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What to Wear in Egypt in September

With temperatures being relatively high still, we do recommend wearing light-colored clothing instead of darker clothing, and we recommend wearing items made out of natural materials such as cotton or linen. These materials tend to be more absorbent making you feel more comfortable in hotter weather.

In Egypt, people tend to cover their knees and shoulders, and visitors are also expected to dress more conservatively. For women we recommend longer dresses or skirts, or longer trousers, and ideally no tank tops exposing shoulders. To get a little more insight into this, we have put together an article explaining more with regards to what to wear in Egypt, also detailing the differences between visiting the cities when compared to staying in a beach-side resort, where the expectations are a little bit different.

For any time of year, we recommend wearing good footwear as you'll be walking a lot, ideally closed too as some of the tourist sites are in sandy desert conditions, and bringing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect you from the sun.

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Monthly Weather in Egypt

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