Weather in Egypt in August 2024: Travel Tips for First-Timers

By Margaux | Updated Dec. 29, 2022

August's weather is hot in Egypt, meaning that it is the perfect time of the year to visit the beaches of Egypt.

In August, we recommend visiting Cairo, Dahab, Hurghada, or Sharm el-Sheikh for sightseeing and for a relaxing holiday in the sun. This combination is the perfect way to spend your summer holidays with both time to sightsee and time to relax.

Read on to find out where we recommend to visit in August and why, what to wear if you are visiting Egypt in August, and what kind of temperatures you can expect during your time in Egypt.

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Egypt Weather in August: Overview

  • Average temperature range in Cairo and Alexandria (north of Egypt): 24°C–35°C (75°F–95°F)
  • Average temperature range in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Luxor (middle/south of Egypt): 28°C–42°C (82°F–107°F)
  • Rainfall: 0 mm on average
  • Rainy days: 0 days on average
  • Sunny days: all days

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Egypt Regional Weather in August

Rainfall in August is minimal, with an average of 1 mm (0.04 in) of rain in Alexandria, by the coast, but no rain elsewhere in the country.

Especially in the beachside destinations of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, there is no rain in August making it the perfect time of year to visit if you can stand the heat, similar to June and July.

Location Min. Temp. Max. Temp. Rainfall
Alexandria 24°C (75°F) 31°C (87°F) 1 mm (0.0 in)
Cairo (and Giza) 24°C (75°F) 35°C (95°F) 0 mm
Luxor 25°C (77°F) 41°C (105°F) 0 mm
Aswan 28°C (82°F) 42°C (107°F) 0 mm
Hurghada 28°C (82°F) 37°C (99°F) 0 mm
Sharm el-Sheikh 29°C (84°F) 38°C (101°F) 0 mm

August is a hot month throughout Egypt. In Alexandria, the coolest city in August, you will still experience an average high of 31°C (87°F) and low of 24°C (75°F) in August. Places like Luxor and Aswan, in the desert, see average daily highs of 41°C (105°F) and 42°C (107°F) respectively in August.

Beach destinations, like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, which are arguably more set up for the heat as the sea is right there to cool off, see daily highs of 37°C (99°F) and 38°C (101°F) respectively on average, meaning you'll need to make sure that you are comfortable at those temperatures, even by the sea.

When it comes to humidity, this is low throughout the entire country in August, although the northern cities of Alexandria and Cairo are slightly more humid than the coastal cities of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Places to Visit in Egypt in August.

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Best Places to Visit in Egypt in August

Best Places to Visit in Egypt in August

1. Cairo and Giza

Most tourists will start their time in Egypt in Cairo and Giza, where you'll find the best of Egypt's historical sights: The Pyramids of Giza, the Grand Egyptian Museum, and all of Cairo's incredible architecture. (How to Travel from Cairo to Giza: Taxi, Bus, or Private Transfer?)

We recommend visiting the outdoor sights early in the morning to beat the heat, and to spend the hotter hours of the day indoors at either the Grand Egyptian Museum or even inside one of the pyramids at Giza. Evenings are also a great time to explore, so if you have an evening in Cairo, read this list of things to do in Cairo at night.

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2. Alexandria

Alexandria is the coolest city in Egypt in August, and it is also the second biggest city.

It has a very important Mediterranean location, meaning it played an important role in Egyptian history.

The city is worth stopping by for a day or two to see the Alexandria National Museum and get a feel for the city, as well as walk the same streets that Alexander the Great did.

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3. Sharm el-Sheikh

Beach and Ocean in Sharm el-SheikhBeach and Ocean in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular destination, with higher temperatures on the beaches along the Red Sea drawing crowds of sunbathers and those looking to explore. Sharm el-Sheikh is a good spot to go snorkeling and diving from, and makes for a relaxing beach holiday destination at this time of the year.

Sharm el-Sheikh is also a good location from which to explore Ras Muhammad National Park, which offers incredible diving and snorkeling.

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4. Hurghada

A very popular destinations in Egypt, Hurghada is a good place to go in Egypt in August, as there will only be sunny days in this paradise.

With Egypt being incredibly hot at this time of the year, Hurghada is cheaper to visit in August than it is at other times of the year too, due to lower demand, too.

When planning your Egypt trip, see our handpicked itineraries for various durations: 5 days, 7 days, 8 days, 10 days, 12 days, 14 days, and 21 days...

Crowds and Cost

From a crowd and cost perspective, August is a great time of the year to head over to Egypt, with lower costs as a result of lower demand. The higher temperatures keep the large tour groups away, meaning that your international as well as domestic flights are cheaper, and you'll also be able to get better accommodation for less too.

In terms of crowds, there will be a big difference in the crowds you see in August compared to their peak in January and December, but the biggest spots won't be empty, of course, as there is an appetite to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza all year around!

Before you book though, make sure you know whether you'll be able to cope in the warmer weather, as it might be harder to get around if you aren't used to higher temperatures.

For a better understanding of the cost of an Egypt tour, read How Much Does a Trip to Egypt Cost?

What to Wear in Egypt in August

In the hot August weather, we recommend wearing linen or cotton clothes, rather than items made out of more synthetic materials as they will not be as breathable. Lighter colors also generally work better in hotter climates when compared to darker clothes.

Do make sure you're aware of the expected dressing code throughout the country, which is generally a little more conservative than you are likely used to at home. Regardless of the hot weather, people will cover their shoulders and knees. Here is some more information for you to read about what to wear in Egypt depending on where and when you are going here.

Expectations are different at Egypt's hotel's beaches, where fewer clothes are accepted and both men and women can wear shorts and swimwear without any issues.

Monthly Weather in Egypt

Traveling in Egypt in August with Global Highlights

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