Is Egypt Safe for Travelers?

By Robert | Updated Nov. 5, 2021

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Egypt has become a frequent name on news channels, with numerous references to "bomb", "attack", and "terrorist". But if you have ever been there, you would have found that it is actually a place that made you feel safe and calm because most of the people there are quite friendly, trustworthy, and always have smiles on their faces.

Is Egypt a Safe Destination for International Travelers?

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the Egyptian political government, there is less news about security threats in Egypt these days.

Most of the tourist areas have been considered to be a Green Zone according to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice for Egypt. The Travel Advisory from the US Government is only 'Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution' (the same level as Spain and Germany).

The answer is: It is generally safe to visit the main tourist cities in Egypt. After all, not every traveler would like to visit the two risky areas of the country as warned by international governments: the Western Desert and Libyan border area, and the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

The Efforts to Provide a Secure Environment for Visitors Taken by the Egyptian Government

Today's Egypt is a huge Muslim country with a large population of about 101 million. Most of the population lives alongside the Nile River. The economy is not that ideal and the massive rate of inflation caused by the political unrest since 2011 means that about one-third of the local people are living under the poverty line.

The local government has not stepped back but has faced the challenges directly. Dozens of actions have been taken, such as creating more jobs for the laborers as well as building and opening more attractions (for example, the newly built Grand Egyptian Museum, which is the most magnificent world-class archaeological museum in human history, located in Cairo and scheduled to be opened in late 2020). There are security checks for the main attractions and museums, and you can often see armed policemen at the gates (but please don't take photos), which may make you feel slightly nervous but safe.

Destinations Considered Safe to Travel to in Egypt

The local government wants to encourage tourists to boost the country's economic growth. To attract more travelers and ensure their security, extreme measures have been taken, such as restructuring the entire tourist police force to cover all the important and iconic tourist attractions in the whole country. 

The Ancient City — Luxor

Your Egypt holiday would be incomplete without exploring the temples in Luxor.

Luxor is just like a museum with a touchable history and treasures in the open air. Some of the most impressive touristic attractions in the area are Luxor Temple, Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens.

The Heart of Egypt — Cairo

As one of the top-ranked cities in the world that is famous for its historical sites, such as the Giza pyramid complex and the Sphinx, Cairo also has cultural, religious, and recreational places to impress international visitors. Its museums are a paradise for archaeology fans. For people who like shopping, the bazaars, such as Khan el-Khalili, are worth spending a whole day in.

The Nubian City — Aswan

Aswan is home to the Nubian culture. The city is also the central market of Egypt although it is not as large as Cairo and Alexandria. You can see quite a lot of unique landmarks there, such as the Nubian Museum, Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, and, of course, the marvelous Aswan High Dam.

The Mediterranean City — Alexandria

People often say Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt after Cairo (it was once the capital of ancient Egypt from 332 BC to 642 AD). With Mediterranean-style buildings, it can be considered to be one of the most fascinating cities in Egypt. Don't miss it if you want to get some great photos.

The Perfect Resort of the Red Sea — Hurghada

For relaxation, Hurghada is one of the best places to meditate. Simply lie on the charming beaches and enjoy the sunshine — there is no hustle and bustle there.

The City of Peace — Sharm el-Sheikh

Located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, it can be challenging for some people to visit there; after all, you can see from different media that there is a significant threat of terrorism in the northern part of the peninsula. Despite the unrest, there are also enjoyable beaches, sand dunes, and blue holes, which can be irresistible to travelers who enjoy challenging themselves.

  • How to Stay Safe When Visiting Egypt

Every traveler faces risks overseas. Here, we have prepared some advice for travelers who would like to put Egypt on their travel list in the hope that this reduces the risk of things going wrong.

  • Stay Away from the Crowds

Explosions and attacks normally target government buildings and infrastructure. Places with crowds are also considered valuable, such as metro stations and universities as well as Western and other foreign commercial interests.

  • Avoiding Unwanted Attention

Travelers shouldn't wear any expensive accessories or wear any clothes that are not acceptable in the Muslim culture. Do not take much cash with you and pay attention to your belongings, especially when strangers pass by.

  • Do Not Cross the Streets on Your Own

Road and vehicle safety standards in Egypt are significantly lower than in the Western world. You don't want to spend your days in hospital when traveling, right? Vehicle accidents resulting in injuries and death are frequent on Egyptian roads and occur at higher rates than in most other countries. Wait for the traffic lights to change and cross the streets with the crowds — they are more experienced than you.

  • Know and Respect Local Religious and Social Traditions

Modesty and discretion should be exercised in your behavior. It would be ideal to learn something about Egyptians and Muslims when preparing your trip and packing. Avoid offending local sensitivities, such as publicizing political comments or negative opinions about the country or its people. Be friendly to the people you meet and try not to talk to strangers, especially when you are at the pyramids.

  • Always Have Your Travel Insurance

Hopefully, it won't be needed but it is helpful when you do need it.

  • It Is Much Safer to Book Your Holiday with a Travel Agency

Due to the cultural shock, language barrier, and safety concerns, you might not have enough courage to discover the country on your own.

Being led by an experienced local guide can be more reliable and the trip itself will be more authentic. A calm decision when things happen will save you a lot of stress. Therefore, it sounds like a must if you would like to experience a hassle-free vacation in Egypt.

Please note that there have been some terrorist attacks targeting tour buses so it is wise to avoid traveling in large groups. Choosing a reliable company like us will save your time and help you to avoid potential risks.

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