The Top 10 Egyptian Souvenirs to Take Home

The Top 10 Egyptian Souvenirs to Take Home

By Robert | Updated Feb. 21, 2024

With a variety of local special products to choose from, deciding what to take home from Egypt could become a headache! The best souvenirs are those that are full of Egyptian elements and can be carried easily.

Here, we have shared some ideas on the top 10 Egyptian souvenirs to take home and share with your family and friends.


The Egyptians made paper about 3,000 years ago. The word 'paper' was derived from 'papyrus', which was the name of the original paper used in Egypt.

Made from the stem of the papyrus plant, it was easy to make and carry. It was quite cheap compared with other materials so it became famous and was used worldwide until the 9th century.

Nowadays, you can purchase a papyrus scroll (a replica) displaying ancient patterns in some shops in Egypt. It is light, colorful, and a symbol of the ancient Egyptian culture.

Perfumes / Essential Oil / Incense

The people in ancient Egypt knew the importance of wearing perfume and they made perfume from different plants, also using oils and fats later. You may smell some of the local fragrances during your trip — they are really memorable.

As a convenient item to take home, you can easily find and purchase perfumes, essential oils (the raw ingredients in some perfumes), or at least some incense during your visit (for example, at local markets, department stores, or the souvenir shop in your hotel). It is normally cheaper than anywhere else and of high quality.

Local Metal Handicrafts (Such as Tiny Pyramids)

Thanks to the low consumption level in Egypt, you can find delicate handicrafts and purchase them at really reasonable prices.

Pyramids are surely the top representation of Egypt and you can find countless pyramid handicrafts during your stay, made in different styles and from different materials. The miniature ones are really popular as people love to take them home and share them with friends and family.

Statue Replicas

There are statues almost everywhere inside the museums and temples in Egypt. Some famous ones include the Sphinx (a prominent mythological figure in the country), the Scarab (an important religious symbol in Egyptian culture), and Bastet (the protector of Lower Egypt).

Pick one with an ideal size and carry it home — it could be the catchiest item at your parties. It would be perfect if you could tell a story about it and share your experiences of your trip.

Egyptian Musical Instruments

People love music, just like the ancient Egyptians did. They believed that music was created by the gods to bring peace and civilization to the world.

You can find dozens of instruments painted on the walls if you visit the tombs and can also see them at local markets.

More kinds of musical instruments existed after the influence of the Arab culture so you can even hear the music in other countries near Egypt.

Learn how to play one of the instruments if you are interested or at least purchase one to display at home.

Mini Water Pipes

When traveling in Egypt, you will see local Egyptians smoking shisha outside restaurants, cafés, and even in the waiting areas at stations. This habit has lasted for over 400 years. The colorful water pipes highlight the local lifestyle and attitude.

Take one home if you smoke (there are smaller ones!) as it will remind you of those leisurely days in Egypt and make you feel relaxed.

Traditional Hats

You may have heard that there are only two seasons in Egypt — a mild winter and a hot summer from May to October. Most of the days are dry with a high temperature; therefore, hats have become essential for Egyptians.

There are different kinds of hats in Egypt due to the diversity and the most common one is the fez — a hat worn by Egyptian citizens in the old days (from the 1800s to the 1950s). From its name, you might imagine that there could be a relationship with the Moroccan city of Fes.

Handmade Carpets

Introduced from the former Persian Empire, you can find local handmade carpets in Egypt called kilim. These carpets are completely handmade, environment friendly, and still quite popular in Egypt.

Different sizes of kilim have different uses. The large ones can be carpets, sofa covers, or doormats. The smaller ones can be used as wall decorations or nightstand covers. They are soft (usually made with wool and cotton) and vivid, with Islamic patterns, such as symmetrical repeat patterns.


Cartouche is a French word. In Egyptian, it means a pattern that includes a horizontal line under an oval, indicating that the hieroglyphs enclosed display a royal name.

You can tailor-make your own cartouche even though you are not able to become a king or queen. It only takes a few hours and you will have a great object to show off.

Sand Bottles

What is there in Egypt except the pyramids and temples? Sand, of course!

About two-thirds of Egypt is covered by the Sahara Desert so sand from the Sahara would be an ideal souvenir from the country.

Some artists dye the sand into different colors and put it into authentic glass bottles of different shapes, which makes an attractive souvenir. You can even have your name, date, or other short words or patterns engraved on the glass bottles.

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Although most of the mentioned items can easily be found throughout Egypt, please let us know if there's anything specific you would like to find during your visit. This way, we can tailor-make your tour to suit your needs and make sure you take home the best souvenirs to remember your incredible trip to Egypt!

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