16-Day Grand Egypt Tour with White Desert

16-Day Grand Egypt Tour with White Desert

By Lancy | Updated Sep. 28, 2023

All in One Trip

This is the best choice to experience the Egyptian historical and natural wonders all at once.

In this private tour, be amazed as you marvel at the breathtaking Great Pyramids on camelback, venture into the mystical Black and White Desert on an exhilarating safari, hike up the majestic Mount Sinai for a truly awe-inspiring view, immerse yourself in the rich history by exploring ancient temples of Aswan and Luxor on a Dahabiya Nile Cruise, and unwind on the picturesque beaches of Sharm El Sheikh.

We are happy to customize this itinerary by accommodating your specific interests, adjusting the scheduling, or planning special themed events and activities for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, or bucket list experiences.




from US$4,362 p/p

Best For:

First-timer/In-depth traveler

Best Time:

Oct. - Mar.


International on request

Journey Map (Suggested Route)

Map of Egypt journey
Day Highlights
Witness the fascinating Pyramids' Evolution.
Explore the Alexandria Library and Roman Ruins.
Return to Cairo from Alexandria.
Discover the Black and White Desert.
Explore the Abu Simbel Temple.
Dahabiya Cruise
Sail through the Nile on a dahabiya while exploring Aswan and Luxor.
Sharm El Sheikh
Discover Mount Sinai and relax on the Beach.
16 Return to Cairo and Depart.
This is an In-depth Traveler tour. If you desire a profound exploration of Egyptian rich history and culture, and a closer encounter with its natural wonders, I'm here to make it happen.
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Tour Highlights

Uncover the mysteries of ancient Pyramids as you delve into the evolution at Saqqara, Dahshur and Giza.
Bent Pyramid
Experience the awe-inspiring Great Pyramids on camelback and get to know the enigmatic Sphinx in Giza.
great Sphinx
Embark on an exhilarating safari into the Black and White Desert and experience the magic of camping beneath the sparkling stars.
black and white desert
Cruise along the majestic Nile River on a dahabiya, embracing the timeless beauty of this historic waterway.
dahabiya nile cruise
Discover Moses' Mountain and the historic Monastery of Saint Catherine, immersing yourself in the rich spiritual heritage.
mount sinai
Discover the awe-inspiring wonders of Alexandria, from the legendary Bibliotheca Alexandrina to the Citadel of Qaitbay.
Citadel of Quaitbay
Partake in a delectable Cairo Foodie adventure, and savor the vibrant flavors of the local cuisine.
Cairo foodie tour
Discover the priceless artifacts within the Egyptian Museum, in particular Tutankhamun's Golden Mask.
Tutankhamun's Golden Mask
Explore the awe-inspiring Abu Simbel Temple, with colossal statues, intricate interiors, and captivating carvings.
abu simbel temple
Indulge in the beauty of the Sharm El Sheikh's breathtaking beaches, boasting crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand.
luxor temple

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Itinerary Details

Day 1
Cairo Arrival
  • Welcome to the captivating land of Egypt! Discover amazing Egypt as our English-speaking representative assists you with your Egyptian Visa on Arrival, right from inside the airport.
  • Have a warm and informative intro to Egypt during your private airport transfer in the company of our knowledgeable representative.
Day 2
Cairo | Pyramids and Sphinx Discovery
great pyramidsThe Great Pyramids in Giza
  • Begin the day by exploring some of the earliest examples of Pyramid architecture in Saqqara and Dahshur, including the Step Pyramid, Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid.
  • Take a Camel Ride for a more-memorable experience of exploring the Giza pyramids(about 30 minutes).
  • Witness the majestic Great Pyramids on the Giza plateau, an awe-inspiring representation of ancient Egypt's civilization.
  • Enter the Pyramid of Khafre and explore the secret chambers inside.
  • Discover the captivating beauty of the Great Sphinx that once mesmerized Napoleon, presenting a striking scene against the vast desert backdrop.
Day 3
Cairo | Uncover Cairo's History and Cultural Gems
Khan el-Khalili BazaarExplore the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
  • In the morning, our private guide and driver will meet you at your hotel for an exciting full-day Cairo tour.
  • Explore the Hanging Church, one of Egypt's oldest and most revered churches.
  • Visit the Citadel of Saladin and Muhammad Ali Mosque, enjoy the Islamic art, architecture, and design.
  • Discover the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities*, a remarkable repository showcasing the treasures of ancient Egypt, including the famed Tutankhamun collection.
  • Venture into the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar and immerse yourself in a maze of local shops.
  • Embark on a delightful Cairo foodie with your private guide, and become acquainted with the city's lively essence and flavors.
  • *The Grand Egyptian Museum(GEM) is expected to open at the end of 2023. GH will replace the Egyptian Museum with GEM by then.
Day 4
Cairo-Alexandria | Discover Historical Sites of Alexandria
Citadel of QuaitbayCitadel of Quaitbay in Alexandria
  • Embark on a guided adventure to Alexander, accompanied by your private guide.
  • Explore the Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa, the largest Roman Cemetery, and explore the Roman Amphitheater of Alexandria, where you can witness the sunken monuments.
  • Drive by Pompey's Pillar, making a memorable photo stop.
  • Proceed to the Citadel of Quaitbay, constructed on the historic grounds where the legendary Lighthouse of Alexandria stood.
  • Enjoy a comfortable overnight stay in the heart of Alexandria.
Day 5
Alexandria-Cairo | Alexandria Delights Continue
Library of AlexandriaLibrary of Alexandria
  • Explore the Library of Alexandria, including the open court with statues of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy the First, reading halls, and the museum.
  • Make a stop at the iconic Stanley Bridge, a renowned symbol of modern Alexandria, and appreciate its architectural grandeur and scenic views.
  • Retreat back to your Cairo hotel and indulge in some relaxation and rejuvenation time.
Day 6
Cairo-Bahariya | Exploration of the Bahariya Oasis
Bahariya Mountain pyramidMountain pyramid in Bahariya Oasis
  • A private transfer is provided to the Bahariya Oasis.
  • Enjoy a simple lunch and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Date Gardens. Witness the serene expanse of Salt Lake, a tranquil and picturesque oasis.
  • Traverse the majestic Dunes, marvel at the unique Mountain Pyramid, and be captivated by the awe-inspiring English Mountain.
  • Return to the desert hotel for a local dinner and overnight accommodation.
Day 7
Bahariya | Camping in the White Desert
white desertThe exquisite limestone in White Desert
  • Embark on a captivating journey to explore the mesmerizing Black and White Desert.
  • Discover the delights of Al Hazz village, where you can be captivated by the enchanting cold springs.
  • Visit the mesmerizing Crystal Mountain and experience the picturesque Aqaba area.
  • Enjoy a simple lunch while marveling at the remnants of the Roman era.
  • Head to the awe-inspiring White Deserts of the new desert, famous for its exquisite limestone formations.
  • Create a picturesque campsite together to enjoy a memorable local dinner and experience an enchanting night beneath the sparkling stars.
Day 8
the peaceful nile riverThe peaceful Nile river in Aswan
  • Enhance your morning routine by heading to the Oasis hotel for a refreshing wash-up after enjoying a delightful breakfast at the campsite.
  • A private transfer is provided to Cairo airport for flight to Aswan.
  • Upon your arrival, meet our representative and take a private transfer to your Aswan hotel.
Day 9
Aswan-Abu Simbel-Aswan | Discover the Abu Simbel Temple
Great Sun TempleSun Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel
  • Enjoy a captivating journey to the Abu Simbel Temple accompanied by your private guide.
  • Explore the Great Sun Temple of Ramses II and marvel at the colossal statues, intricately adorned interior, and captivating carvings and paintings that depict the glorious reign of this revered pharaoh.
  • Delve into the enchanting beauty of the Temple of Queen Nefertari, dedicated to Ramses II's beloved wife, and admire the elegant statues and intricate detailing.
  • After this awe-inspiring exploration, relax as your guide ensures your safe return to your Aswan hotel.
Day 10
Aswan-Nile Cruise| Explore Aswan's Wonders Aboard a Dahabiya
the Philae templeThe Philae temple in Aswan
  • Discover the Temple of Philae, harmoniously combining Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architectural styles across different periods of construction, offering insights into ancient Egypt's religious and mythological beliefs.
  • Witness the Aswan High Dam, a monumental engineering marvel forming Lake Nasser and symbolizing modern Egypt's progress, showcasing human engineering prowess and the ability to shape the natural environment.
  • Indulge in a delightful cruise experience as you board the ship and savor a delicious lunch onboard.
  • Experience a restful night aboard your cozy cruise ship, enjoying the comfort and tranquility offered on board.
Day 11
Nile Cruise | Uncover Treasures along the Nile
the Kom Ombo TempleThe Kom Ombo Temple along the Nile
  • Explore the Kom Ombo Temple, a unique double-design temple dedicated to two sets of gods, and marvel at this architectural wonder.
  • Discover the temple's museum section which holds the significance of Crocodile Mummies representing the power and authority of Sobek.
  • Immerse yourself in the rock temple and uncover the Speos of Horemheb at Gebel el-Silsila.
  • Enjoy dinner in the serene atmosphere of the illuminated temple grounds.
Day 12
Nile Cruise | Stroll through Temple of Horus
Temple of HorusTemple of Horus
  • Take a charming horse carriage ride to discover the fantastically well-preserved Temple of Horus, renowned as the Edfu Temple.
  • Venture deeper into the temple to discover the exquisite halls adorned with intricate carvings and the sacred statue of Horus.
  • Immerse yourself in an unforgettable Egyptian Evening of Fun while savoring a delectable dinner.
Day 13
Nile Cruise-Luxor-Sharm El Sheikh | Admire Luxor's Huge Rock-Carved Relics
Luxor templeThe Luxor temple
  • Disembark from your ship after breakfast.
  • Explore Valley of the Kings and learn about ancient Egyptian funerary practices by entering three of the royal tombs.
  • Have a photo stop at the massive Colossi of Memnon.
  • Discover the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut which is the only pharaoh's temple on the west bank of the Nile river.
  • Marvel at Luxor Temple's pillared hall and admire the stunning reliefs on the walls.
  • A private transfer is provided to Luxor Airport for your flight to Sharm El Sheikh. Upon your arrival, be met and escorted to your comfortable resort.
Day 14
Sharm El Sheikh-Mount Sinai-Sharm El Sheikh | Explore Moses' Mountain
Monastery of St. CatherineMonastery of St. Catherine
  • In the morning, meet your representative at your hotel and take a 3hours transfer to the Monastery of St. Catherine.
  • Immerse yourself in the Monastery of Saint Catherine, and explore the intriguing skull room, serene olive grove, and the location of the burning bush and the Well of Jethro's Daughters.
  • Hike up to 2,286 meters to the top of Mount Sinai, where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and enjoy the amazing views from the top away from the crowds.
  • Following the tour, you will be provided with an escort back to your resort in Sharm El Sheikh.
Day 15
Sharm El Sheikh | A Day to Unwind and Relaxation
relax on beachRelax in front of the Red Sea
  • Indulge in a relaxing day at a stunning Red Sea beach, where you can unwind and soak up the sun at your own pace.
Day 16
Sharm El Sheikh-Cairo | Bon Voyage!
  • Enjoy a hassle-free private transfer to Sharm El Sheikh Airport, connecting with Cairo Airport for your flight back home.
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Steigenberger Cecil Alexandria
Rixos Sharm El Sheikh
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Ms. Mayflower cruise
Ms. Mayflower Cruise

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Private drivers/driver guides and vehicles as listed
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