Egypt Holidays 2024/2025, A Full List is Here!

By Margaux | Updated Aug. 11, 2022

Egypt celebrates around 15 public holidays throughout the year, many of which include Islamic holidays celebrated throughout the world. Among these, 7 major holidays are Ramadan, Sham En Nessim, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, Islamic New Year, Prophet's Birthday, and Armed Forces Day.

Many of the Islamic holidays will see different business opening times and public transport availability. During the month of Ramadan, for example, which is held between the evening of Wednesday, Mar. 22 and the evening of Friday, Apr. 21 in 2023, many restaurants will be closed. This is because Muslims refrain from consuming any food and drink during daylight hours for the duration of the month, and restaurants that cater to locals will only open after sunset for Iftar, the meal that traditionally breaks the day's fast.

Other things that might be affected are business hours for some tourist sites, as not everywhere might be open since many Muslims will be resting during the day instead of going outside. Contact us to navigate this when planning your tour or get advice on how this might affect you in Egypt.

A Church on the Top of the Mount SinaiA Church on the Top of the Mount Sinai

Egypt Holidays' Calendar for 2024

These dates are good to keep in mind when you're planning a trip to visit Egypt or looking to book your flights.

Egypt Festival Festival Dates (Night fall to Night Fall) Public Holidays
Orthodox (Coptic) Christmas Day January 7 – 8 January 7
Revolution Day January January 25 January 25
National Police Day January 25 January 25
Ramadan March 10 — April 8 March 11
Sham En Nessim(Spring Festival) May 6 May 6
Eid Al-Fitr April 9-10  April 10
Sinai Liberation Day April 25 April 25
Labour Day May 1 May 1
Eid Al-Adha June 16- June 20 June 17
June 30 Revolution June 30th June 30th
June 30 Uprising in Egypt June 30th June 30th
Islamic New Year (Ras As Sana) July 7–8 July 8
Revolution Day July July 23rd July 23rd
Prophet's Birthday (Moulid An Nabi) September 26-27 September 27
Armed Forces Day October October
Egypt holiday calendar 2024

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Egypt Holidays Calendar for 2025

These dates below are forecast based on previous years dates and we will keep updating the dates of these holidays should there be any changes. Contact us to plan your trip to Egypt in 2024.

Egypt Festival Festival Dates (night fall-night fall) Public Holidays
Orthodox (Coptic) Christmas Day January 7 January 7th
Revolution Day July 23 July 23
National Police Day January 25th January 25th
Ramadan February 28 — March 29 March 1
Eid Al-Fitr March 30-31 March 30
Sinai Liberation Day April 25th April 25th
Labour Day May 1st May 1st
Sham En Nessim(Spring Festival) April 21 April 21
Eid Al-Adha June 6 -7 June 7
June 30 Revolution June 30th June 30th
June 30 Uprising in Egypt June 30th June 30th
Islamic New Year (Ras As Sana) June 26 June 26
Prophet's Birthday (Moulid An Nabi) September 4-5 September 5
Armed Forces Day June 28 June 28

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7 Major Holidays in Egypt

Here is some explanation of the most important holidays on the list above, and what you will see if you are in Egypt during this time.

1) Ramadan: March 10 — April 8, 2024/ February 28 — March 29, 2025

Probably one of the biggest, or definitely the longest-lasting celebrations in Egypt, Ramadan is a month of prayer and observance for those of the Muslim faith. During this month, Egyptians fast between sunrise and sunset, a tradition that aims to bring together all social classes in solidarity as all adults have the opportunity to experience hunger and thirst this month.

During this month the working day is shorter, and people may rest at home in the afternoons. At sunset, a feast (called iftar, also known as fast-breaking meal) is prepared for the entire family and sometimes by multiple families together. A huge breakfast is also served right before sunrise. This is one of the most wonderful traditions of Ramadan as it brings families and communities closer.

Visiting Egypt during Ramadan you may find fewer people out on the streets and restaurants shut, but you'll also be able to see a festive side to Egypt with bountiful evening meals, streets that are beautifully decorated, and children playing outside late at night.

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2) Sham En Nessim: April 17, 2024/ April 21, 2025

Sham En Nessim is a national holiday marking the beginning of spring that has been celebrated since ancient Egyptian times, when it was related to agricultural cycles. Egyptians will celebrate this day by going for a picnic in any space of green, visiting public gardens, or even going to the zoo. It always falls after Easter, as per the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Traditional foods of Sham En Nessim include fesikh, a fermented, salted and dried grey mullet, with green spring onions, lettuce, and lupin beans. It is also common to color boiled eggs during this time, and gift then eat them (a slight similarity to Easter!).

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3) Eid Al-Fitr: April 20 — 21, 2024/ March 30 -31, 2025

Literally translatable as Holiday of Breaking of the Fast, Eid Al-Fitr falls at the end of Ramadan. It falls on the first day of Shawwal (the tenth month) according to the Islamic Calendar. The day is also known as Eid.

Egyptians spend Eid Al-Fitr with their families. A big meal is an important part of Eid, which is why the holiday is sometimes also known as Sugar Feast.

Children will receive an Eidi, a little bit of money they can spend on activities, and you'll often see them out on the streets until late at night playing games or with their new toys.

4) Eid Al-Adha: June 28 — July 1 2024/ June 6-7, 2025

Eid Al-Adha, known as the feast of the sacrifice, is celebrated by Muslims in Egypt. This day commemorates what Muslims believe to be Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son as a proof of his faith.

An important part of this holiday are ritual prayers, as well as activities for kids. You might see adults out at the street stalls or markets buying balloons for their kids, or treats.

In the countryside, sheep or cattle are often slaughtered during this day to provide food for friends or relatives who need it.

5) Islamic New Year: July 18th–19th, 2024/ June 26, 2024

On Islamic New Year, Egyptians traditionally go to their local mosque and pray. In Cairo and other big cities there will be shows featuring traditional singing, dancing, while people visit friends and family to attend parties and feast.

The date is determined as it was the day on which Hijrah began: the prophet's journey from Mecca to Medina, as written about in the Qu'ran.

The day falls on a different date every year because Islam follows its own lunar calendar, and is thus only 354 days long. While all nations with Muslims will celebrate this festival, because some countries use lunar sighting to determine dates, there might be a slight difference in the date on which this is celebrated.

6) Prophet's Birthday: September 16, 2024/September 5,2025

The Prophet's Birthday is a big celebration in Egypt, with people sharing sweets such as lokum with nuts, known as malban, peanuts and dried chickpeas with syrup, and desiccated coconut treats.

People will attend the decorated mosques, decorate their own homes, attend feasts, or go to large street processions. In many households the story of the prophet Muhammad will be shared with kids too, and families will partake in charity to help those less fortunate.

7) Armed Forces Day: October 6th, 2024/2025

On Armed Forces Day, the start of the October War of 1973 against Israel is commemorated. The war started with the successful crossing of the Suez Canal into the Sinai Peninsula by the Egyptian Army. The October War is also known as the Yom Kippur War.

Armed Forces Day typically includes a parade or other events staged by the military. Sometimes there are also fireworks and special television shows that people watch in order to commemorate.

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