Why Visit Egypt? - 6 Main Reasons

By Elaine | Updated Nov. 4, 2021

Egypt is one of the oldest and most fascinating civilizations and is known as the 'Land of the Pharaohs'. This is where the great ancient Egyptians wrote the history upon the sands of their lands. "Why should I visit Egypt?", you may ask. Maybe the question should be "Why not?" Why not … …

  • Walk the footsteps of the Pharaohs.
  • Behold the beauty and wonders that mankind built.
  • Sail along the River Nile.

Over five thousand years of history – that is the legacy of Egypt, where you can learn about their ancient past, and how the past has shaped their future.

Did you know:

  • 2024 is the 102th anniversary of the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb.
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum, set to open in 2022 will be the largest archaeological museum in the world, with over 100,000 artifacts on display, including treasures from King Tutankhamun's tomb.
  • A 3,000-year-old ancient road in Luxor known as the Grand Avenue of the Sphinxes officially reopened at the end of November 2021 with an epic grand procession after an extensive period of excavation. The 1.7-mile-long road is lined with approximately 700 sphinxes and connects Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple. It is one of the world's largest ancient sites.
  • Egypt is also full of mystery and wonders, where you can embark on a journey from the surreal waters, and golden sand beaches, to remarkable architecture ever built in the history of mankind

Therefore, we have listed 6 main reasons why you should make Egypt a must destination on your bucket list.

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1. Discover the mysteries of one of the oldest civilizations

Egyptian MuseumDon't miss the Egyptian Museum after you land in Cairo.

Egyptian civilization was known for its mighty armies and great leaders. The country with its blend of the past and ancient relics has survived time. With countless archaeological sites and some of the world's best museums, you will be embarking on a journey through historical times.

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2. Immerse yourself in the culture

Cairo, EgyptThe city of Cairo

While walking the ancient streets, and winding passages, makes Egypt a great place to experience how the culture has developed and grown from ancient to modern times. The Egyptians formed one of our most astonishing cultures, revered for their extraordinary architecture, renowned Pharaohs, and superb inventions that shaped our world.

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3. Amazing feats of ingenuity

Take Hotair Balloon over the Valleys of the KingsTake Hotair Balloon over the Valleys of the Kings

The ancient Egyptians established a civilization, and heritage with lasting memories by carving history into the sands of their regions, where they built magnificent tombs, temples, monuments, artifacts, and other ancient items.

You will be captivated by the historical and cultural structures ever erected, like the Giza Pyramids Complex, Luxor Temple and Karnak Complex, and the Valley of the Kings & Queens – where King Tutankhamun was buried, therefore making this an ideal destination for historical, architectural and cultural lovers.

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4. The largest desert in the world

Siwa Oasis, EgyptSiwa Oasis, Egypt

Did you know that over 94% of Egypt is sand? Therefore Egyptian culture and heritage were shaped by such severe conditions of the desert. The Sahara or 'The Greatest Desert' is the largest hot desert in the world, and is the third largest desert on the planet after Antarctica and Artic deserts.

Around 6000 BC, some of the early Egyptians living there would herd cattle and build large structures. At that time people used a barter system, trading food and animals. Today, the Sahara Desert's population is around 2.5 million covering 9 million square kilometers, spanning nearly a third of the African continent and covering a total of 11 countries.

The desert offers anyone wanting a break from the city to head out and appreciate the pristine unspoiled natural beauty. If you like nature and adventure, you can go camel riding, trekking, or hiking, visit oases – such as the Siwa Oasis, located in the middle of an ocean of golden sand, and enjoy the desert night sky.

5. The River Nile – the historic lifeblood of Egypt

Nile Cruise on a FeluccaTravel on a traditional Egyptian sailing boat in Nile — a felucca

The Nile is ranked as the longest river in the world with a length of more than 6,6000 km and ends at the Mediterranean Sea in the north. Sail along the Nile River and explore its beauty and learn about how the Ancient Egyptians believed that the eastern side represents life and the western side is for death and the afterlife, therefore many lived on the eastern bank, and built their tombs and burial sites on the western bank. With a cruise along the River, you will see great attractions of Luxor city as well as the monumental sites of Aswan.

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6. Savor the gastronomy

Traditional Egyptian food: KosharyTraditional Egyptian food: Koshary

Egyptian cuisine is one of the most unique in the world, blending many different influences from other parts of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. This created an amazing melting pot of different cultures which come together to create some magnificent food. You can enjoy the sweet and savory tastes of the county as you explore the colorful bazaars. Egyptian cuisine will make your visit a delightful one.

Further reading:

With a visit to Egypt, you can see hieroglyphs, explore ancient ruins, and encounter history you could never imagine. So, don't ask why you should visit, but why not? Allow us to help you begin your journey to explore and learn how this ancient civilization has shaped our world. Check some popular Egypt tours for inspiration.

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