Egypt Trip Cost 2024, the Most Expensive & Cheapest Times

By Rita | Updated Apr. 16, 2024

Known for its iconic pyramids, Egypt is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the Middle East. As one of the most affordable countries in the Middle East, taking a trip to Egypt is not expensive.

For a better understanding of the cost of an Egypt tour, we have listed some of the biggest costs and shared tips on creating your dream trip in a cost-effective way.

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How Much Does a 1–2 Week Private Egypt Tour Cost?

Enjoy a Felucca on the Nile RiverEnjoy a Felucca on the Nile River

A private guided tour is recommended, especially when visiting the glorious ancient civilizations of Egypt. It also provides affordable luxury, creating exclusive and stress-free experiences for family trips or romantic celebrations.

Typically, most travelers spend about a week in Cairo, on a Nile cruise, and in Luxor and Aswan before continuing their Middle East trips to Jordan. If you prefer a deeper exploration, you could extend your trip to 2 weeks by adding Alexandria and some beach time in Hurghada.

A private Egypt tour of 1–2 weeks falls in the price range of US$150–250 per day per person. Children under 10 can receive discounts of between 30% and 50%. Beyond the iconic attractions, we often arrange luxury Nile cruises and special activities, such as an immersive cultural show, interesting foodie tours, and sunrise balloon rides in Luxor.

Specializing in customizing private tours, we also help to maximize your budget. For example, arranging a downstream Nile cruise offers the same scenery but the price is about US$200 less per person.

You could get more details about the prices when you look at our handcrafted private tours. These prices are based on a group of 2+ people.

Want more options? You can learn our handpicked itineraries and the costs for various durations: 5 days, 7 days, 8 days, 10 days, 12 days, 14 days and 3 weeks...

The Most Expensive and Cheapest Times to Go to Egypt

Diving in HurghadaDiving in Hurghada

You can expect the highest prices in the peak season (October to April). During Christmas and New Year holidays, the prices are likely to double. However, they are the best times to explore the grand pyramids, cruise the Nile, and take outdoor adventures in cool/mild weather.

To make your trip more cost-effective in this high season, consider inviting your family or friends to join you and share the expenses, creating lasting memories together. Additionally, it's a wise idea to contact us at least 3 months in advance to take advantage of early-bird booking discounts and maximize availability.

Due to the heat, the low season (May to September) is the cheapest time to visit Egypt, with discounts offered of 30–40% on hotels and flights. May and September are particularly recommended for the cooler temperatures as well as there being fewer crowds at attractions.

To keep you feeling refreshed, our private tours provide air-conditioned cars and cold drinks are always at hand. You could also go on Nile cruises or diving adventures in the Red Sea.

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The Cost of International Flights to Egypt

Cairo, EgyptThe city of Cairo

International airfares form the main part of your Egypt trip cost. Regardless of your departure point, the airfare usually tends to be highest during Christmas and New Year holidays, followed by the high season (November to March) and dropping to the lowest between April and October. If you're celebrating Christmas and New Year in Egypt, consider departing before December 20th for more affordable international flight tickets.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, serves as the only entrance for international flights. Europeans could fly directly to Cairo for the price of US$200 to US$500 on a one-way economy trip.

If you're from America, you could have direct flights from New York, costing approximately US$650 to US$900 flying economy class. For cheaper options, you could consider stopovers in London, Frankfurt, and Istanbul.

There are no direct flights from Australia and New Zealand. You're advised to make a stopover in Doha or Dubai. Airfares are about US$900 to US$1,200 for economy class.

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The Cost of Accommodation in Egypt

Sea View from the Nile CruiseSea View from the Nile Cruise

Similar to international flights, the room rates change as the seasons change. You'd better prepare for the high prices and large demand in the high season, even doubling toward Christmas and New Year holidays.

You could easily find cheap hostels or 3-star hotels for about US$20–40 per night in Egypt. However, you might be disappointed with their cleanliness and facilities because the standards required of hotels in Egypt are much lower than those in the West. For a comfortable experience, you're recommended to stay in 4- or 5-star hotels.

As a travel agent, we have the best room rates with local hotels. A well-maintained 4-star hotel usually costs about US$70–120 per night while a 5-star one would be US$150+ per night. Too busy to select your hotels? Simply sit back and let us know your preferences.

No matter whether you want a family connection room or a boutique hotel with unparalleled scenery near the Nile, your travel consultants will tailor-make a private Egypt tour with carefully-selected hotels just for you!

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The Cost of Transportation in Egypt

To travel around cities in Egypt, flights are the fastest option with a price range of US$60 to US$100. But they are only available from/to Cairo.

When you travel out of Cairo for daytrips, private transfers are the least-stressful and most hassle-free choice in Egypt. Taking a private transfer arranged as part of our private tours, you're spared the trouble of catching a train among the crowds or the hardship of being crammed into a small seat on a crowded bus.

To make your trip special, you could also consider taking a relaxing Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan. For a 4-day cruise tour from Aswan, the prices range from US$400 to US$600 while 5-star cruises cost from US$700.

To escape the large tourist groups, we arrange private guides for all offshore excursions. If you seek more privacy, we could arrange a dahabiya, which is only for 10–12 people and is more luxurious.

Inside the cities, taxis are not expensive and an airport transfer would only cost about US$20 for a car. But make sure that the taxi drivers use their meters to avoid price disagreements. Public buses or subways are not recommended because of the hassles of navigating and the language barriers.

The Cost of Eating and Drinking in Egypt

Egyptian Breakfast Dish: Foul MudammasEgyptian Breakfast Dish: Foul Medamas

Regarding food in Egypt, the costs vary and you could spend about US$1 tasting the local street food or pay about US$200 for fine dining. Local food is a lot cheaper while Western food and drink are more expensive. For example, a local beer costs about US$0.75 but a Coca-Cola costs US$2.

If you prefer to eat like the locals in Egypt, you can expect to pay about US$10–20 per meal at a mid-range restaurant. It is common practice to give a tip of about 5–10% for on-site meals as well.

Traveling with us, you'll have meals in the local restaurants instead of the tourist ones. We could also tailor-make exclusive food experiences for you, allowing you to immerse yourselves in local life!

The Cost of Attractions/Activities in Egypt

Temples and historical ruins are the top attractions and the entrance fees usually vary from US$5–15 per person. If you prefer some special experiences, such as foodie tours, sunrise balloon rides, and cultural shows, you are expected to pay US$30–50 per person.

By booking a private one-stop Egypt tour with us, you'll escape the hassle of lining up for and collecting the tickets yourself.

Booking Your Egypt Trips With Us

You are warmly welcomed to have us customize your own trip based on your group size, interests, and other needs. Sit back and use our Create My Trip service.

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