How to Plan a 10-Day Israel, Jordan, Egypt Itinerary

By Carper | Updated Aug. 31, 2023

For first-timers who want to experience the Middle East, a cross-border journey through Israel, Jordan, and Egypt is one of the most popular options.

Not only are these countries the safest countries in the Middle East but they also offer various experiences, including but not limited to relaxation, history, nature's beauty, and religion, which are perfect for families and couples.

However, planning a trip to visit three countries within 10 days could be challenging. Read on to see our travel advice and itineraries, which have been designed to meet various needs and interests.

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Where to Go in 10 Days in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Generally speaking, 10 days is not enough to fully explore Jordan, Israel, and Egypt's highlights but, luckily, most of them are clustered around a few cities/areas, so you could see the main attractions.

For the most reasonable route plan and to save your limited time, we'd like to recommend that you spend 4–5 days in Egypt, 3–4 days in Jordan, and 2–3 days in Israel.

Taking a Nile Cruise to Enjoy the View of EgyptTaking a Nile Cruise to Enjoy the View of Egypt
  • In Egypt, Cairo with its iconic pyramids is considered a must-visit destination for a first trip to Egypt. If time permits, taking a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan while visiting the attractions alongside would be a good option.
Appreciating the unique desert scenery of Wadi Rum in JordanAppreciating the unique desert scenery of Wadi Rum in Jordan
  • In Jordan, the Dead Sea and Petra are the most popular sites for first-timers. Exploring the Wadi Rum desert for its unique moon-like landscape would be a good choice if you have more time in Jordan.
Visiting the Chapel of Ascension in Jerusalem IsraelVisiting the Chapel of Ascension in Jerusalem Israel
  • In Israel, Jerusalem is definitely not to be missed for its special history and being the holiest city. Haifa (the Hanging Gardens) and the Sea of Galilee (where it is believed Jesus walked on water) are also worth a day trip.

Due to limited flights from America or Europe to Jordan, and the fact that Jordan shares land borders with Israel and Egypt, it's recommended to start your trip either from Egypt or Israel.

If you have a preference and want to prolong the time spent in a specific country but would like some help planning your trip, please feel free to contact us and we will make a private tour plan that meets all of your needs.

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Itinerary 1: A 10-Day Classic Itinerary Covering Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Experiencing a Camel Riding in Cairo EgyptExperiencing a Camel Riding in Cairo Egypt

For first-timers, this time-smart itinerary would allow you to enjoy the most popular highlights in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

You would start from Israel's holiest city, Jerusalem, then enjoy the magical Dead Sea in Jordan for a weightless floating experience, and appreciate the Giza pyramid complex, the Temple of Luxor, and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

A 10-Day Classic Itinerary Covering Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Here is the suggested itinerary:

  • Days 1–2: Jerusalem, the ancient holy city with the famous Western Wall
  • Day 3: The Dead Sea, effortlessly floats at the lowest point on Earth
  • Days 4–5: Petra, a beautiful rose-colored ancient city with rock-cut architecture
  • Day 6: Amman, the bustling capital and the largest city of Jordan
  • Days 7–8: Cairo, a vibrant metropolis full of ancient architecture
  • Day 9: Luxor, the biggest open-air museum of temples in the world
  • Day 10: Return to Cairo to depart from Egypt

You would start your trip by landing in Tel Aviv in Israel, then transfer to Jerusalem in about an hour to see the Night Spectacular light show. During your days in Jerusalem, you would visit the Western Wall and its tunnels to fully understand the conflict and sacredness of religion, and discover the Temple Mount, which was the location of so many events in the Bible.

Then, you would go to the Dead Sea in Jordan as your next stop, since it could offer a magical experience of effortlessly floating as well as a mineral-rich mud spa to soothe your nerves and body. The journey would continue to Petra, where you would witness its UNESCO World Heritage Site — a rose-colored sandstone city.

In addition, you would travel back to Amman, the capital of Jordan, for a city tour and food adventure before departing from Jordan and flying to Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Landing in Cairo, an hour's drive would bring you to Giza to see the spectacular pyramids and the Great Sphinx, where you could ride a camel to marvel at these spectacles.

Finally, you would end your trip by visiting the historical sites along the drive to Luxor, such as the Valley of Kings to see the pharaohs' tombs, the Temple of Horus, and the Temple of Luxor to witness the glorious old days of the gods of Egypt.

Do you find this itinerary interesting? Contact us and we will help you to customize your unique private tour so that it meets all of your needs.

Do you happen to have a vacation that exceeds 10 days? Check out this tour package: 15-Day Best of Israel, Jordan, and Egypt Family Tour

Itinerary 2: A 10-Day Relaxing Itinerary Embracing Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Taking a Dahabiya Nile Cruise to enjoy your vacation in EgyptTake a Dahabiya Nile Cruise to enjoy your vacation in Egypt

Slower than the classic route, this 10-day itinerary focuses on relaxation and includes a Nile cruise in Egypt and one night's camping in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. It's very popular with couples and families wishing to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or graduation.

Since the departure time of the cruise ship is basically fixed and we don't want any unforeseen circumstances to disrupt your travel plans, we believe that starting your trip from Egypt and ending it in Israel would be the most reasonable choice.

A 10-Day Relaxing Itinerary Embracing Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Here is the suggested itinerary:

  • Days 1–2: Cairo — explore the mystery behind the pyramids and sphinxes
  • Days 3–5: A Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor — enjoy some quality time with your family
  • Day 6: The Dead Sea — watch the sunset at the lowest point on Earth
  • Day 7: Petra —hike through the centuries-old rose-colored city
  • Day 8: Wadi Rum — appreciate peaceful and magical hours under the starry night sky
  • Days 9–10: Take a city tour in Jerusalem, then depart from Israel

You would start your trip by arriving in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and do a day trip to Giza to see the incredible pyramids and sphinxes, thinking about the myths and mysteries that have been left for us mortals to ponder.

Next, you would fly to Aswan to board the Nile cruise ship and start your 4-day cruise along the Nile River to Luxor.

During your cruise, you would explore the sights around the Nile, such as the Philae temple complex, the Temple of Horus, and Luxor Temple. What's more, you could have some quality time with your loved one(s) by enjoying authentic Egyptian cuisine or partying with the crew on board.

After the amazing 4-day cruise, you would fly to Amman, the capital of Jordan. You would participate in a foodie adventure during a city tour in Amman as a warm welcome, then you would take a private transfer to the Dead Sea for a beautiful sunset and a weightless floating experience.

Subsequently, you should save some strength for the 1-hour hike in Petra, the UNESCO World Heritage site, where you would be surprised by this ancient city that has been entirely carved out of rose-colored sandstone and has survived for centuries.

Then you would explore the Wadi Rum desert by taking a drive in a jeep, visiting the local Bedouin tribes, and camping in the desert overnight in a half-transparent tent. Just imagine what it would be like when night falls — you and your loved one(s) could cuddle under the starry night sky while staring at the bright galaxies. It would be something that is beyond words.

You would end your trip by staying for 2 days in the holiest city of Israel, Jerusalem, and visiting its highlights, including the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Church of the Nativity to feel the divine atmosphere and religious vibe in the air.

Insider tips:

When you choose a private tour to visit these three countries, you may want more privacy and intimate time with your loved one(s), so we would arrange a dahabiya cruise boat for you.

Unlike other cruise types with dozens of cabins, dahabiyas only have 6–12 cabins for about 15 passengers. While enhancing your privacy, the service quality and infrastructure of a dahabiya would also be better suited to your needs.

Itinerary 3: A 10-Day Biblical Itinerary Traversing Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

This itinerary is designed for those who want to spend more time in Israel and experience the deep religious connections to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

On this trip, we want to offer you a perfect blend of adventure, exploration, and cultural immersion, from the modern delights of Tel Aviv to the natural beauty of Jordan, and the ancient wonders of Egypt.

A 10-Day Biblical Itinerary Traversing Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Here is the suggested itinerary:

  • Day 1: Tel Aviv, the vibrant and cosmopolitan hub of Israel
  • Day 2: Haifa, the beautiful seaside city with the Hanging Gardens
  • Days 3–5: Jerusalem, the ancient holy city with the famous Western Wall
  • Day 6: The Dead Sea, effortlessly floating at the lowest point on Earth
  • Day 7: Petra, a stunning rose-colored city with rock-cut architecture
  • Day 8: Wadi Rum, the desert with a unique moon-like landscape
  • Days 9–10: Visit the Giza pyramid complex in Cairo, then depart from Egypt

Upon your arrival in Tel Aviv, you could take some time to immerse yourself in this vibrant city that's known for its beautiful beaches, lively markets, and rich cultural heritage.

The next morning, you would go to Caesarea to explore the well-preserved Roman Theater and the remains of a Roman temple. Later, you would continue your adventure to Haifa, a beautiful seaside city, to witness the magnificent Hanging Gardens and the Shrine of the Bab.

Then you'd visit Nazareth, the biblical city where Jesus grew up, and the Sea of Galilee, where it is believed Jesus walked on water. During the day, you would be fully immersed in the serene atmosphere and feel the rich spiritual significance of these sacred places.

Jerusalem is the reason that most travelers choose to pay a visit to Israel as it's the holiest city in Israel — the most famous center of cultures and religions. You would visit the Western Wall, dive into the ancient streets of the Old City, and wander around the bustling markets of the Arab Quarter. Led by the Arabic food aroma, you could fall in love this city due its sacredness and timeless promise.

Subsequently, you would stay by the Dead Sea in Jordan for one night. Enjoy the extraordinary experience of floating weightlessly, and soothe your nerves and body before your trip to Petra.

Petra is renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Trekking for about an hour to the Treasury, with a most iconic facade, you would be amazed by this rose-colored sandstone city because of its size and aesthetic architecture.

After spending one night in Petra, you would take a day trip to the Wadi Rum desert for an adventure deep in the desert. You would appreciate the otherworldly moon-like landscape by jeep and marvel at the vast desert expanses. As night falls, you could settle into a half-transparent tent and gaze at the starry sky, surrounded by an immense silence.

Finally, you would spend your days in Cairo, the bustling capital of Egypt, to explore the wonders of the Giza pyramid complex and the Egyptian Museum where you would see an extraordinary collection of artifacts, including the priceless treasures of Tutankhamun.

How Much Does a 10-Day Trip to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt Cost?

Typically, a private 10-day trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel costs about US$2,500–4,000 per person based on a group of 2–4 people.

The estimated cost includes 4-star hotels, a full-day itinerary, tickets for attractions, transportation, a private car, and a private guide. However, these vary between countries both in terms of cost and service level:

  • Egypt: approximately US$200–300 per day per person
  • Jordan: approximately US$250–350 per day per person
  • Israel: approximately US$600 and above per day per person

Please be aware that high-season price rises also apply to Middle Eastern areas during holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, and the best season weather-wise from November to February. At these times, prices increase by more than 30%.

We suggest planning your trip ahead of time and booking your flights and hotels at least 6 months in advance. Or you can simply choose to travel with Global Highlights and we will provide a wonderful, smooth trip for you, allowing you to enjoy your vacation without any of the logistical stress.

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