How to Plan a Trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel in 2024/2025

By Carper | Updated Jul. 21, 2023

Egypt, known as the Land of Mystery, emerged from the delta of the Nile River and is famous for its legends of the pharaohs and magnificent pyramids.

Jordan, the Land of Ancient History, presents a remarkable Mars-like landscape that hid lost civilizations, inviting you to explore their depths.

Israel, often referred to as the Land of Milk and Honey, offers an incomparable biblical experience and you can fully immerse yourself in this promised land.

If you're considering a trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel but don't know where to begin, the tips and suggestions in this guide should help you have a fulfilling journey.

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1. Best Things to Do in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel

With such abundant tourist resources, it's hard to narrow down the best places to visit and things to do in these three countries.

Below, we recommend the top places to visit and their star attractions according to our clients' experiences and our professional knowledge.

  • In Egypt
  • In Jordan
  • In Israel

1) Cairo: Ride a Camel to Witness the Great Pyramids in Giza

The Pyramid of Khufuin in Cairo, EgyptThe Pyramid of Khufuin in Cairo, Egypt

No trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to Giza.

Since Cairo would be your first stop in Egypt, Giza is the best introduction to Ancient Egypt, located just an hour's drive outside the capital. It has the only remaining man-made marvel of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Unlike the normal tour arrangement, we would first take you to explore some pyramids that were built in earlier times so that you better understand why the Great Pyramid is an absolute must-see for every traveler.

2) Luxor: Step Into the Largest Open-Air Museum

Sightseeing in the hot air balloon in Luxor, EgyptSightseeing in the hot air balloon in Luxor, Egypt

As Egyptians often say, "A visit to Luxor is a must when in Egypt." Also known as the Thebes ruins, Luxor boasts incredible sights ranging from ancient tombs to colossal temple complexes.

The Temple of Luxor is an essential stop during a visit to Luxor. We offer a flexible experience that can be enjoyed both during the day and at night, taking you to marvel at the grand pillars and statues that stand in solemn silence.

Viewing the Valley of the Kings from the air in a hot-air balloon is also highly recommended. Not only is the price competitive (about 100 USD per person), but you can also witness the beautiful sight of the sleepy city of Luxor awakening with the first rays of morning light.

3) Aswan: Relax on a Nile Cruise

Cruise the Nile River from Aswan, EgyptCruise the Nile River from Aswan, Egypt

The best way to visit the wonders between Luxor and Aswan is by boat.

Cruise along the Nile and avoid the hassle of changing your hotel or arranging daily transportation. Save more of your time to either relax on the ship or immerse yourself in the sights.

What's more, we recommend a dahabiya (with approximately 6–12 cabins) for you, which offers a much more private experience with customized service, letting you and your family enjoy a wonderful cruise in a traditional Nile craft.

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2. Visa Policies in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel

Applying for a visa won't take you longApplying for a visa won't take you long

When planning your trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, it's important to note that Israel is the only country among the three that offers a visa-free policy for citizens of various countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Before visiting Egypt and Jordan, you have the option to obtain a visa by applying through the embassy or consulate, or by utilizing the official e-visa websites, which only take you a few minutes to fill out their application forms.

>>>Apply for an Egypt e-visa

>>>Apply for a Jordan e-visa

3. How Many Days to Stay in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel

Wake up on the Nile Cruise to start your dayWake up on the Nile Cruise to start your day

For first-timers, we highly recommend that you spend at least 2 weeks appreciating a spectrum of highlights in these countries.

Here is a customizable 15-day itinerary that may fit your needs:

  • Days 1–3: Visit Jerusalem in Israel (including the Western Wall, the Tomb of King David, the Temple Mount...)
  • Days 4–6: Visit Amman, Petra, and the Dead Sea in Jordan (including an Amman food tour, hiking in Petra, floating on the Dead Sea...)
  • Days 7–15: Visit Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Hurghada in Egypt (including a 3-night Nile cruise, Hurghada desert safari, Giza camel ride...)

This itinerary aims to enable you to fully enjoy a family holiday covering the main highlights of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

In your 3 days in Israel, you can immerse yourself in the religious atmosphere while visiting attractions like the Western Wall and experiencing for yourself the places written in the Holy Bible and the scriptures of Judaism and Islam.

In your 3 days in Jordan, we would like to show you its special scenery in more revealing ways. This could be going through the city alleys to learn about the locals' lives, hiking over the history that was buried 1,000 years ago, and floating at the lowest point on Earth.

In your 8 days in Egypt, we want to offer you more relaxing experiences. Stay on a traditional dahabiya for 3 nights to feel closer to the mysterious Nile, enjoy some watery fun in the Red Sea, and ride into the desert to appreciate a vast world of sand.

If you have a vacation that exceeds 2 weeks or you want to explore these countries more in-depth, you can always extend your journey with many more sights that are on your bucket lists for a more authentic experience. Or you may only have a vacation of around 10 days, check out this article for some ideas: How to Plan a 10-Day Israel, Jordan, Egypt Itinerary>>>

For an in-depth tour, check out this itinerary for inspiration: 18-Day Egypt, Jordan, and Israel Treasures Discovery Tour.

You can get more details from How Long to Spend in the Middle East.

4. Best Times (and Worst Times) to Travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel

Find the BEST TIME that suits you mostFind the BEST TIME that suits you most

Since most sights in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are open air without air-conditioning, the best weather period is usually seen as the best time. Still, your best time to visit could vary from this depending on your needs.

For the best weather, traveling between November and April is considered the best time. During this period, the weather in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel is warm and pleasant, averaging around 22°C (72°F). Although you may encounter some short-duration rain, it won't be a problem for a well-prepared journey.

For the best prices and fewer crowds, traveling in May, September, and October are the optimum times. These months are considered to be the shoulder season, when you can get a good deal without sacrificing too much of your travel experience as daily temperatures peak at around 30°C (86°F).

The worst time to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel is from June to August due to the heat, which regularly exceeds 37°C (99°F). Most of the historical and cultural sites are open air, but the hotter-than-human temperatures make it challenging to visit them comfortably.

Check out how to plan a trip to the Middle East>>>

5. How Much Would It Cost in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel?

Traditional Egyptian crusine ShakshukaTraditional Egyptian cuisine Shakshuka

Typically, it will cost you from US$200/250/600 per person per day in Egypt/Jordan/Israel respectively for a private tour based on a group of 2–4 people.

Across these three countries, this averages from US$350 per person per day during your trip.

This cost varies depending on the time of year.

During the peak season from December to January, it would increase by around 20%. To reduce your costs, it's recommended to book your accommodation and flights at least 6 months in advance.

Why not reach out to us at Global Highlights? We'll help you to create your ideal itinerary based on your interests and requirements, making sure that your journey is smooth and hassle-free and that you don't pay for anything you don't want included.

6. Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel?

Overall, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are safe countries for you to visit.

The governments in these Middle Eastern nations have invested significant resources and made concerted efforts to ensure the security and safety of both tourists and residents. If you remain observant of your surroundings, you will often notice police patrols or guards stationed around tourist sites.

To enhance your safety, it is advisable to avoid visiting any areas mentioned as dangerous on your country's travel advisories website. Additionally, it is recommended to travel with companions and avoid traveling alone.

By following these and other standard precautions, you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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